And Even More from the Mailbag

Only a fool is astonished by the foolishness of mankind

~ Edward Abbey


“Bryan” writes:

Hello Guy, how are you? I wanted to write you about interesting things I’ve been hearing about with grand solar minimum. There are quite a bit of groups popping up believing we are headed for a mini ice age which is of course ridiculous. However, what I am confused by is the exact science of this, especially in relation to the predictions of Sam Carana. I have read some supposedly unbiased articles claiming it could cool the planet by 1 degree Celsius. If this happens to be true, why do we not see this reflected in predictions on future temperature rise? Anyways, just looking for some clarification on this. These groups are claiming that all the weather weirdness we are experiencing is attributable to this and I feel it may be the duty of our community to address these ideas. They even use the word abrupt as well!

The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes (an introduction)

Thanks for your time,

My response:

Fear drives people toward irrational ideas. There is zero evidence to support this crap. Follow the evidence, not the wishful thinking.

A reasonable thank-you note from “Bryan”:

It certainly does. I just wanted to thank you for your reply and all you’ve done educating everyone on abrupt climate change. I am very grateful that you came out with this message and have stuck with it despite the attacks you receive. It has certainly helped to prepare myself for the inevitable and others as well. Much love to you and yours!