“He’s a Quitter” vs “He Doesn’t Believe His Own Message”

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go

~ Hermann Hesse


Which is it, ignorant trolls and assholes? Am I a quitter, as some claim, or a liar, as others say? Will the former please go back beneath their bridges? Will both please include an identifier in the subject line so I can read my email messages with the DELETE key?

I’m too busy loving living to ward off every insignificant piece of bullshit flung my way. And yet, I know that responding to unfounded accusations with silence causes most people within this inane culture to assume my guilt. So, again, I’m responding to the all-too-common lies cast in my direction. I recognize the futility of this exercise, as is often the case when taking right action. And, as usual, I’m not attached to the outcome.

I’m attacked daily for presenting evidence by people claiming to be my friends and supporters. Their customary approach is to claim they agree with me, except for the timeline. Of course we’ll go extinct, they say, but not within a decade (or, more commonly, within their expected lifetimes). Parting ways with evidence and then with the precepts of science, respectively, they go on to disagree with the idea of predicting human extinction within any given period of time. In other words, these “friends” and “supporters” agree with everything except the scientific prediction and the timeline by which near-term human extinction will occur. With friends like these, who needs enemas?

My friends in real life — the ones who actually matter to me — tend to be rationalists. Few know better than me that rationalism is an exceptional burden and also a heavy burden in a society that rewards status and denigrates scientific knowledge (i.e., knowledge).

I care about the future, which is why I remain childless. I have done more than most people ever will to combat climate change. This is all old news. And it clearly needs repetition for the dull tools comprising a skillfully dumbed-down, willfully ignorant contemporary society.

For decades, I have been speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. In so doing, I’m inadvertently offending the privileged few with voices that “matter.” Pointing out another’s privilege is anathema within a culture dominated by people seeking the holy grail of privilege. To the maximum extent possible, I walked away from privilege, including position and money. The enormous costs include widespread confusion among the masses, who still equate monetary status with success and credibility.

I have not quit. And abundant evidence indicates Homo sapiens will be extinct by 2026.

I have no reason to lie, so I don’t. I continue to pursue and promulgate evidence. I continue to build community. I continue to teach, as is my nature. I continue to pursue right action. I continue to strive for non-attachment to the result of my actions.

I’m still certain my death draws near. I’m still certain our extinction draws near. As a result, I seek excellence. I seek love. I live with urgency. I live with passion.