Mailbag: Can People Read or Hear?

The problem with comprehension is, it often comes too late

~ Rasmenia Massoud


Toby writes. His message is short, and is characterized by about one error per sentence.

I respond. I’ve no idea why.

Hi Guy, just watched the video with Jamen Shively and I am a little bit … how to say… astonished may be a good word. What happend to the point of Civilizaton is a heat engine and we can not stop doing because of global dimming? Did you change your mind about less doing… instead now apply geoengeneering methods? why suddenly?

Where’d you get those incorrect ideas?

Please read:

“He’s a Quitter” vs “He Doesn’t Believe His Own Message”

In your essay you write, that geoengeneering methods won’t work or even make things worse.

I know what I wrote. What’s your point?

I’ve never proposed geoengineering or more doing. Listen carefully. That’s Jamen, not me. And I’m not agreeing with him.

Small wonder I’m attacked every day. People won’t read and they can’t hear.

I will watch the video carefully again. I am no YouTube Troll or someone that is calling anyone names or telling things about people. Maybe it was my fault and I really miss the point… maybe it is, because english is not my mothers tongue

(Twenty-minute pause)

I agree with you. You never said a word in the video that you agree to apply geo engeneering.