Mailbag, Round Whatever

I folded Lizzie into small pieces. But the letters did not stop.

~ Sarah Schmidt


Hi, Guy.

I hope you’re happy (and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way); in other words: I hope you’re keeping well.

Kind regards from “Jason” in Europe

Thank you, “Jason.” For a long time, I thought I was incapable of happiness. Now I know better.

Happy to hear that.

The reason I’m contacting you now is because I’ve finally changed direction with my mindset and actions.

I’m now conscious of how little my actions affect the global picture but how much my actions affect the interpersonal picture.

I’d like to think I was always warm on a one to one basis. Maybe I’ll have greater personal happiness now that I’m divesting myself from perceived responsibility for the wellbeing of things outside my control.

Although this is what you’ve suggested for quite a while and I took it on board, it took experience to really hit it home.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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