Mailbag: So Stupid it Burns

Dear Activists: All your chanting, marching, voting, picketing and letter-writing will not change a thing. The only thing your activity will accomplish is to make some of you feel better. Such activity makes powerless people feel useful.

~ George Carlin


Lance writes. His message reeks of entitlement. And he’s an idiot.

I respond, with far more professionalism than Lance’s message deserves. He’s not worth my time. Yet I continue to give myself away. After two responses, I give up.

I’m new to your work and website. I live in Alberta, Canada, and for years I have noticed our trees dying. Please comment on the practice of geoenginering and why a corporation like Monsanto would make GMO’s that are aluminum resistant. Warm temperatures are not the reason our trees are dying, it’s the spraying of aluminum, barium and strontium as well as other dangerous chemicals. Forest fires burn hotter and faster due to this unethical practice, perhaps you have commented about this, if not a good start would be to watch “what in the world are they spraying ” on YouTube.

Do I owe you something? My work is freely available.

No comment on geoenginering? That’s all I was asking, where did the “owe you something” come from?

“Please comment on the practice of geoenginering”

Apparently I owe you something. Use the search box at NBL. Let me know if you have questions after you read my work.

You don’t owe me anything, like I said I’m new to your work. I’m after the truth about global warming which is now called climate change. In the 70’s there was the ice age scare. There is no consensus in science, and I refuse to take your colleague, Bill Nye the science guy seriously. Thank you for your replies.
Remember, Authority isn’t truth, truth is authority.