When he wrote a letter, he would put that which was most material in the postscript, as if it had been a by-matter.

~ Francis Bacon


The following messages arrived into my email inbox a few days ago. The sender’s messages are noted with plain font. My responses are italicized.

Guy, I found an EPA climate report published in October, started under Obama. I have already used my background to find a place where husband and I can give our family a fighting chance. … The link is below. I’d suggest to you that you use that as the basis of your talks, pointing out that nothing south of the Mason Dixon line is suitable regardless of what it says. (After all, no way would the Admin print that.) But at least offer it to the people, ok? (editorial cautionary note: large pdf)

And, I bet it disappears soon, so print it out soon.

Thank you!

Suggest you do a critique of it for your presentation Guy, and stick to the science. At least give the folks a fighting chance.

So far I’m unable to open the link. Belize has its disadvantages. Maybe tomorrow I’ll visit a high-priced lodge to use the Internet.

I don’t understand your comment about giving the folks a fighting chance. Please explain.

At least it will allow them to look at their location, and see how safe it is as the climate tips. Also, it takes a while to down load, leave it open for a while. It’s a resilience index for each county in the USA, but I see obvious problems for a lot of states.

Has it gone runaway?

Yes, it clearly has. There won’t be a human on Earth in 8 years. Not even in a bunker.

ok. Mom can’t go there right now, but lets work like it wont. (The Do part, right?). Stop the love shit, Guy, use the index to point out obvious problems with report.

And, if anything, it will help keep our minds sharp, because as scientists, they may not be ill, but injured. We also, as scientists, have to look at that. We’re not mentally ill, we are mentally injured by this knowledge. Best,

Thanks for the unsolicited, unwelcome advice. Presenting merely science convinces essentially nobody of anything. This comes as no surprise in a dumbed-downed, willfully ignorant society.

This year’s ice-free Arctic means the end of habitat for humans on Earth. That so few scientists are willing to discuss either habitat or the consequences of an ice-free Arctic tells me — and most humans with a few brain cells — all we need to know about paid scientists.

Sorry about that… your right. Glass house.

I’m flawed like any other. You had more courage than I …

And, unlike most others, willing to admit it. Thank you.

My courage cost me everything. I sure as hell wouldn’t do it again, given the non-existent choice.

Good scientists do that, admit when they are wrong. Otherwise, they ain’t scientists are they. Good luck Guy. Cost me everything too. I tried from within. I swore I’d never work for FF when I left XXXX University, but listened to Obama’s call and worked 10 months for frackers. Within a month I knew, then tried for 9 months. Now, I’m just as sorry a scientist as you. Take care, and I’m going to use that Index I sent you to at least tell the folks to look at the risks around them.

And be glad you don’t have children. It’s heavy on the heart.

I made that conscious choice more than 38 years ago. I’ve never regretted it.