I’m 16 and I See What’s Coming

by Anson Nash, former member of Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team who works with the University of Washington. He is a budding ecologist who has pursued science since he was 5 years old.


What if you knew you had only years to live? What would you do? How would you decide to live your life? Would you try to become something better? By helping people and taking care of yourself. That is a choice you will be faced with. Not in 2100, or even 2050. That is a choice you must confront now!

I am only 16 years old and I have realized a very serious truth. The world we are currently inhabiting is about to experience the worst event (regarding life being able to thrive on earth) in many millions of years. Many people claim the world is ending, most of these people are religious nuts or money suckers. None of the so-called conspiracy theorists can provide any believable evidence to support their claims. That is why they are always wrong, and that is why no one ever believes them.

I first heard the term NTHE (Near-Term Human Extinction) in 2015. I briefly watched a few videos that would say things such as “Humans will be extinct by 2030” and “Industrial Civilization will soon collapse.” At first I brushed all of them aside because it seemed to me like more conspiracies and crazy ideas, but now that I have actually done the research, I will admit: I have never been more wrong about anything … ever.

The evidence is clear. The planet is about to go through an abrupt climate shift that will not only make the planet uninhabitable for humans, but also destroy much of the planetary biosphere. People such as Guy McPherson (emeritus professor at the University of Arizona) have presented the evidence and it’s clear where the planet is headed. I will not quote any evidence because it is already out there.

I’m only 16, and I see what’s coming. More people need to know!