I Enjoy My Work?

Because the world is so full of death and horror, I try again and again to console my heart and pick the flowers that grow in the midst of hell

~ Hermann Hesse


I’m routinely called the world’s biggest proponent of near-term human extinction. It’s as if I love the idea. It’s as if I’m promoting the notion. It’s as if I’m a fan of abrupt climate change, near-term human extinction, and the Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth.

I hate my message. I hate the primary conclusions I’ve reached. I hate the stunningly adverse consequences promulgating my evidence-based message has had on my life. I hate the idea that I’ll soon die, undoubtedly painfully. I hate the very thought of human extinction, ever, much less within the timespan any decent actuary would claim I’ll be alive and in good health.

I love scholarship. I love teaching. More importantly, I love facilitating learning. Most people, teachers included, do not know the difference.

To the limited extent I’m capable of choosing anything, I’ve chosen my path. I’m doing work I love, at which I excel. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I’m pursuing a life of leisure in the historical sense of the word.

I work at Homestead 2.0 in Belize, about two miles from the small Mayan village of San Antonio in the Cayo District. Belize is among the least-densely populated countries on Earth, at least by humans. It’s a great place to live, and a superb locale from which to host to intellectually curious guests who’ve not fallen prey to the dominant paradigm.

I’ve had a long and thoughtful run. At 58 years of age, I’ve outlived the likes of Giordano Bruno, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Albert Camus. If I’ve not made my mark by now, I’ve no reason to expect I ever will.

In short, I’m doing what I love, with people I love, in the paradise known as Belize Earth. How could I want more?


Thanks to my volunteer booking team for seeking additional volunteers in support of my speaking tours. If you would like to host me in your area, please send me a message at guy.r.mcpherson@gmail.com

I’ve received several requests for a workshop focused on emotions for people who accept the evidence underlying our near-term demise. Such a workshop is described here. It is generally available at the homestead I occupy in Belize.

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