Mailbag: Every Single Day

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do

~ Benjamin Franklin


Every single day, I receive at least one message similar to the messages below. I receive a daily note of thanks. And then, also every day, I receive hateful criticism rooted in ignorance or misunderstanding. The messages rarely come from the same person, though, as with this case. Seven months made a big difference in one man’s perspective. Apparently I’ve not made sufficient sacrifices on this fool’s behalf.

I’m curious how reasonable people would response to this sort of critique. He’s obviously suffering from psychological trauma and stupidity. How can I alleviate his suffering?

As I’ve explained repeatedly, I am choosing to focus on social criticism in this space. I’ve made a compelling case for near-term human extinction in several formats. I’ve no need to pummel that dead equine.


On 4 September 2017, the assailant writes:


You have done a tremendous job educating many people on the causes and effects of climate change on Planet Earth. I for one sincerely appreciate your caring efforts and have no doubt about the conclusions you have reached.

Peace be with you and those you love.

Thank you for your supportive message. All best wishes to you and yours.


On 6 May 2018, he has a change of heart:

Stop being a douche bag. You’ve gotten weak. You started off strong and now you’re a weakling. Nobody cares about your personal life, the mud hut, or your trials and tribulations. You are better than this, you are bigger than this. Snap out of it man! Do what you do. You put it on the line so accept this fact and continue on. Stop with the wishy-washy bullshit. Guy, you are a respected intellectual who has credibility. Don’t diminish that. That in itself is vital and important to and for all of us. Beyond that, no one cares about your transition into the last days of your so called reckoning. Get back to basics and tell it as it is.

And if I have offended you, big fucking deal. Your messaging is more important than you think. Keep driving forward. Everyone cares that you are well and loved. Stop the self pity bullshit and drive forward. You and your message is vital to all of us.

Snap out of it man!