Mailbag: Do I Owe You?

My latest inspiration comes in the form of an email exchange. The idiot of the day goes by the name of Max Li, although I can’t imagine he chooses to tell the truth about that one thing in his life. First, a little introduction in bold font. Then onto the specifics with Mr. Li.

Nearly every day I’m asked to provide information about abrupt climate change. Actually, it’s usually a demand rather than a request. The demand is rooted in the profound sense of entitlement I’ve come to expect in the country of my birth. Do I owe everyone something?

Unlike professor Brené Brown, known for her line, “What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude,” I’m no longer on the public payroll. I’ve not been on any payroll for nearly a decade. Yet I’m expected to continue my freely available work, to one entitled student at a time, for no compensation. And this is “normal.”

I’ve made a compelling case for near-term human extinction in several formats. I’ve no need to pummel that dead equine. This is why I’ve chosen to focus on social criticism in this space within the last two years.

I’ve sacrificed more, personally and professionally, than any other 50 people I know. According to my email inbox, it’s not enough.

My commitment to a life of service continues, for now, and probably until precluded by the demise of industrial civilization. Still, the occasional token expression of gratitude would be welcome. I’d even express my gratitude.

I’m certainly not suggesting my work remains free of attribution or thanks. Occasionally, my work is recognized for the inspiration it provides. And many who read and view my work in this space have demonstrated their support with generous contributions. In addition, one regular reader sends a monetary donation each time I answer one of his questions. I was quite surprised the first time this occurred. I am sincerely grateful for these ongoing measures of support, all of which sustain me and my work.

It’s time I lowered my expectations. This approach seldom disappoints.

As usual, the offensive messages sent my way appear below in plain font. As is often the case, I’m drawn in with the early messages, which seem reasonable and rational. My responses are indented in italics. I’ve removed some of the more ridiculous, ad hominem-laced messages for ease of reading.


How come no other scientists says the following Professor ? Hansen doesn’t agree the dammed if you do and dammed if we don’t approach as do many other scientists.

They’re not all bought off surely…

“The only known means by which humans can change the global-average temperature in any direction between now and 2020 is the reduction of industrial activity, which will alleviate the aerosol masking effect and therefore drive the global-average much higher very quickly. And that’s not the direction we want the temperature to change if we’re interested in maintaining habitat for vertebrates and mammals on Earth. Loss of the aerosol masking effect means loss of habitat for human animals, with human extinction to follow” ??

How would I know? Hansen was senior author of the first paper on the topic, so he knows about it.

Perhaps he’s wrong then….

Either way the climate appears to be deteriorating rapidly.

Strangely enough Trump categorically says there’s no climate change. Perhaps it’s sonething else like Nibiru or increased sonar activity, cosmic rays..just saying…

It sounds like Trump is hiding something to me.

Nibiru? Sonar activity? Do you avoid evidence in
every aspect of your life?

So, let’s be clear here.

2026 is your end date for humans on this planet, so is it safe to assume that most of us will be suffering long before then?

I’m just not sure how you predict any such thing when you have been wrong before with your 2018 prediction. No one can predict the end Professor. No offence.

I’m just trying to understand how you have come to this conclusion in a structured and scientific way. The climate is very complicated and there are no models that one can work with.

What 2018 prediction? I don’t believe I made one. Perhaps your grasp of English is not as good as you believe.

Read my work. View the videos. Do some scholarly work. Then write me. Until then, go away. You’re offensive.

A very small sample is given below. Follow all the links. Read everything.

Climate-Change Summary and Update

Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored

On Imminent Human Extinction: Interviewed by Rajani Kanth

The Politics and Science of Our Demise

Just the Facts: Presentation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Five minutes later …

Since when is speaking about your past predictions offensive ?

Very few people agree with you except for the obvious fact we have entered into abrupt climate change. In saying “abrupt” implies “sudden” and perhaps all “encompassing”. I can see pockets of change I guess…

You draw conclusions about me and my work without actually reading my work. You wonder why that is offensive? Really?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not going to go down in history as being anything special. Just someone who said and did the wrong thing in life. No big deal.

I’m loving the weather here at the moment.
Lots of birds, plants, fruit trees, insects, butterflies, fresh air, and plenty of food.

Wow. I provide a free service, and you gaslight me.

You insulted me never forget that.

You are nothing to me – Just another deluded individual who can’t stand being questioned about your ‘findings’ ? Oops I forgot, you’ve been copying your climate change material for years. Nothing original.

Piss off.