Mailbag: Perpetual-Motion Machines and Beyond

O speculators about perpetual motion, how many vain chimeras have you created in the like quest? Go and take your place with the seekers after gold.

~ Leonardo da Vinci


please review Oceanic Anoxic Solve and CO2 solve – perpetual motion automobile Anoxic solve at and fuel solve at

There is no solution to abrupt, irreversible climate change. Creating a new source of fuel certainly doesn’t fall into the category of solution.

perpetual motion automobile

Any perpetual motion machine violates the Laws of Thermodynamics. The Laws of Thermodynamics are called laws for a reason. They are not strong suggestions.

not a heat cycle

please review

Science fiction

no sir

simple physics

No, thanks. I have a life.

good day oh by the way the oil permits are false and the government is a felon charged internationally also refuning the law of the disclosure

had to fix a fart bomb sequencing in the methane hydrate release is also correctable with applied physics

Right. So the people with billions and the people in government aren’t interested because they want to die. Makes perfect sense that you’d know and they’re clueless.

Sir they didn’t want to incarcerated under federal law being the failed governmental appointment that’s why they have been determined way ward psychiatric patcients in need of flying saucers listed at

Are you in the psych ward? Is that why you know?

no sir i’m an angel actually have observed diffent time frames of your self at range.




Dear prospective supporters,

I am working with small group of organizers to create a spring speaking tour along the Pacific coast of the United States. It will include various locations between the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Portland, Oregon. The tentative schedule has me starting in the Bay Area in mid-April, 2019 and using personal automobiles and the AmTrak train to proceed from there to Portland in early May, 2019.

My existing supporters, organizers, and hosts need additional support to make this tour happen. Can you help?

We need hosts in several locations, including Monterey, San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin County, Ashland, and Eugene. Hosting is needed for speaking venues as well as housing for me and my partner and videographer Pauline along the route. We are also requesting financial support to cover airfare and local travel expenses.

As you probably know, I never charge for my events and I rely entirely on the generousity of folks like you to continue spreading this important message. If you are willing to assist, please reach out to me at I will work with the tour organizers to put your generous support to good use.


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