Mailbag: Typical Christian Behavior

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

~ Frank Zappa

The following exchange involves an alleged Christian. He also calls himself an expert on climate change, although his credentials as a stockbroker far exceed his credentials on climate change. His behavior is exactly as I have come to expect from a person who calls himself a Christian.



A friend sent me your post…

I have to say that I find you to be irresponsible and ill informed.  You make statements based upon your own emotionality and presumption, and project them to your adoring minions as ultimate truth.  Give me a break.

I did not read the whole post, but am focused on what you said pertaining to Greta Thunberg.  I brought Greta to COP-24, and it was not to inspire hope, it was to embarrass world leaders into action consistent with the urgency of the situation, and even with the dumbed down IPCC science.  Severn Suzuki did not go to Rio to inspire hope.  Both went to instigate action.

You appear to keep bending reality to your preconceived notions.  Stop it and look what YOU are doing.  For people who might otherwise be inclined to act, you are giving them more reason to be in a denial for convenience.  You take away their humanity and giving them an easy way to do nothing with your “It’s too late” and ‘hopium’ crap.

Take a good look at yourself.  Stop this crap you are dishing out.  Do something productive with your remaining time on Earth other than saying that rote, bland platitude of yours, “At the end, only love remains” which you deliver with no emotion at all, and certainly not with love.  May as well pre-record it and press a button.

I’m sorry if I am offending you, but when I read that you thought Greta was preaching ‘hope’, or implied that she was brought to the COP to inspire hope, you were speaking in ignorance of what she actually was saying and so far from the truth, that it pissed me off.  You hold yourself out to be objective and a master of all sciences, when you don’t even understand your own psychological motivations.

After you do, I challenge you to another debate about your terribly disempowering messaging.

And please give me your current address so I can mail you that $100 check. I want to collect on the bet when Jan 1, 2026 comes around.

I still consider you my friend, and call you that when I talk about you to others.  But one must tell a friend the truth of what you think about their actions, especially if those actions are irresponsible.  And if you want something productive to do other than be a prophet of doom, then try to work on getting a nuclear swat team going to lock down those waste pools.  But it appears to be easier to run your mouth off about people trying to do something to save some of life on Earth, even if humans won’t make it.

Use PayPal. My account is attached to this email address.


If Thunberg and Suzuki were attempting to embarrass leaders into action, then they failed miserably. Their essentially identical scripts are working … as the perfect distraction from matters of importance.

Odds of you sending me money are equal to you funding my trip to the COP, as you promised. Lying is not for friends.

I’ll debate you, if you don’t have anything to do with recording or editing. Otherwise, you’ll twist my words again.

Read to the bottom of the essay about hope. You’ll find evidence. I know you don’t appreciate evidence, so I’m sure you won’t read the essay.


Here’s a comment I just approved on one of the videos we did together…

[A list of my failed predictions regarding the demise of industrial civilization, which I have already admitted, followed by …]

So it’s not just me noticing that you get off on apocalyptic predictions.  Do something more productive than inspiring inaction and defeatism.


So classy of you, as usual


One of the ideas I have been promoting, “cask and contain” hot material at nuclear facilities, has somehow become my responsibility. I doubt my net worth of a few hundred dollars will fund the largest civil-engineering project in the history of the world. Meanwhile, this “Christian” is too busy exploiting children to take any relevant action about this issue or any others.

I have received no subsequent correspondence. This individual, as with the many others who criticize me and my work without supporting evidence, has not made a single significant sacrifice with respect to climate change or the Sixth Mass Extinction. Contrast that approach with the many substantial sacrifices I have made. Contrast the absence of evidence presented by this individual as opposed to the abundant evidence upon which I depend for my work.