Prospective Interviewers Take Note

Effective immediately, I will not submit to interviews with amateurs without a contractual agreement. I offer my work freely, as a public service. Yet too frequently, recorded interviews disappear without notice. If you are not associated with a credible media organization, then the following information applies to you.

I will continue to trust credible media organizations despite the way I have been treated by some of their members. I no longer trust some self-proclaimed journalists, including Dennis Bernstein, Thom Hartmann, Dahr Jamail, Alex Smith, and David Wallace-Wells.

Each prospective interviewer must agree to the following:

  • Professional, non-defamatory behavior must be exhibited toward me during and after the interview.
  • Results of the interview will be maintained online indefinitely, barring electronic malfunction(s). If the interviewer would like to remove an interview, then s/he must send me an explanation in advance, in addition to a recording of the interview.
  • Violation of any of the above items will result in a fee of $500/hour payable to me upon my pointing out a violation of this agreement. Any disagreement with my interpretation of unprofessional or defamatory behavior must be brought up by an attorney representing the interviewer within 24 hours of my request for payment.

If you are not associated with a credible media organization, then please indicate that you are familiar with this information when you contact me. For example, the message containing your initial inquiry can include acknowledgment of the items listed above.


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