Newly added to the CLASSIFIED ad page:

I offer a wide range of copy-writing, communications, website creation and marketing automation skills to anyone involved in any project that seeks to minimize human damage at any scale.

I’d love to work with someone who’s doing something meaningful, as opposed to just “following the money”, which I’ve been forced to do for 20 years.

I will do 3 hours of free work for any such project, and after that we’ll see what happens. I refer to …

– fund raising for any “green” project
– scientific projects
– recruiting for gardening and community collectives
– anything that seeks to have a net positive effect on the Earth

I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life as a house-bound journeyman with autoimmune disorders, helping people market this and that on the Internet, with a few large successes.

My main income was recently reduced by 66% and in my need to replace my income, I despair at the thought of doing any more work that is personally meaningless to me, in the short time we have left.

I’d almost rather live under a bridge than help another person sell mortgages, stock trading strategies or woo-woo self improvement crap.

If you’re not involved in a project that seeks to limit human destruction to the environment, at any level, but you know someone who is … please pass my contact info along to them.

Contact me …

Scott C
705 749 2225

Thanks for your time.