Peer-Reviewed Paper Invited, Published

The basic question is this: Why should anything exist? Nothing would be tidier.

~ Edward Abbey


I was invited by the editor to submit a paper to the peer-reviewed Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences Research. I promptly submitted a draft based on my earlier work in this space. The paper was fast-tracked for publication, and it was published 22 May 2020. The title and abstract are pasted below, and a pdf of the open-access paper can be accessed here.

Title: Earth is in the Midst of Abrupt, Irreversible Climate Change

Abstract: Earth is in the midst of abrupt, irreversible climate change. This ongoing phenomenon poses a major existential risk to Homo sapiens, as well as all other species on Earth. In combination with the ongoing Mass Extinction Event and SARS-CoV-2, further acceleration of climate change seems likely to occur, thereby further exacerbating the existential risk we face.

My recent peer-reviewed article, published about a month before the one I’m listing in this space today, focused on the aerosol masking effect and its consequences for life on Earth. These two papers combine to illustrate the dire existential risk we face.

I have earned no money, nor will I earn money, for this article. Indeed, there were significant page charges attendant to having the paper published. I explained the process of peer review in this space more than two years ago.




Special Notification:

The 57-acre homestead I occupied in western Belize has been re-listed for sale (click here for listing). My partner, who owns the property, must spend time with her family in Florida. She is selling the homestead at a monetary loss to be closer to her family.


Published February, 2019: McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Only Love Remains: Dancing at the Edge of Extinction. Woodthrush Productions, New York.


McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Revised Second edition of Walking Away from Empire: A Personal Journey. Woodthrush Productions, New York.


McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Revised Second edition of Going Dark. Woodthrush Productions, New York.


Pauline Panagiotou Schneider and Guy R. McPherson. 2018. Revised Second Edition of Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Honeybee: A Love Story at the End of Time. Woodthrush Productions, New York.


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