Weekly Hubris Essay, May 2020

My May, 2020 column for Weekly Hubris was published today. My essay is an informal, short letter, as requested, and you can access the essay here. Another set of letters, for which I will not contribute, is scheduled for a mid-month issue of Weekly Hubris. Please subscribe to Weekly Hubris here.

Today marks my 11-year anniversary with no financial benefit for my work. Long ago I realized the monetary system was driving the ongoing Mass Extinction Event. Ignorant about the aerosol masking effect and several dozen self-reinforcing feedback loops already triggered, I opted out of the monetary system on 1 May 2009.



Published recently: McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Only Love Remains: Dancing at the Edge of Extinction. Woodthrush Productions, New York.

McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Revised Second Edition of Walking Away from Empire: A Personal Journey. Woodthrush Productions, New York.

McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Revised Second edition of Going Dark. Woodthrush Productions, New York.

Pauline Panagiotou Schneider and Guy R. McPherson. 2018. Revised Second Edition of Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Honeybee: A Love Story at the End of Time. Woodthrush Productions, New York.

Mugs, tote bags, iPhone cases, tee shirts, and other pragmatic goods affiliated with the latter book are available on Redbubble. I do not earn money from these items. Indeed, they have returned far less money than it cost to create and distribute them. I list them at the bottom of posts in this space in support of my artistically inclined partner, who created them.