Moving, Yet Again

Each precious moment entails every other. Each sacred place suggests the immanent presence of all places. Each man, each woman, exemplifies all humans.

~ Edward Abbey


Yes, again, for the last time: Vermont is my final destination. After all, Vermont is the best state in this shit-hole country. The bar is low, as I’ve discovered after living in Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Nebraska, California, Utah, Iowa, New Mexico, Cayo, Belize (Central America), New York, and Florida (in chronological order). I have spent extended periods of time in several other states, and I have visited each of the Divided States of America, except perhaps North Dakota.

I must have visited the Peace Garden State of North Dakota at least once, although I have no memory of it. Maybe North Dakota is not particularly memorable.

Tomorrow morning we will begin driving from Maitland, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Our destination is the small town of Poultney, Vermont, where I will live for the foreseeable future.

As with my previous acts of relocation during the last two decades, this one–my fourth in fewer than five years–is rooted in love. Specifically, this near-term version of relocation will focus on the mental and emotional wellbeing of my partner and me. After being betrayed by nearly every member of our respective families, we are finally taking the advice of flight attendants as we put on our own masks first.

It’s a long drive from Maitland, Florida to Poultney, Vermont. As a result, I will be posting less frequently than usual in this space for the next week or so.