Rizzle Short Videos

I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life

~ Corazon Aquino


On 24 March 2021 I was asked by Rizzle to prepare a series of short videos for its Rizzle Studios project. Called “the best app for short videos,” Rizzle was created in India in 2019. It has subsequently achieved more than 30 million downloads.

The Nature Bats Last Rizzle account can be found here. I will be posting a video less than one minute long, as mandated by Rizzle, one or more times each week. These videos will be based on my earlier work, with emphases on brevity and humor. In short, I will use humor as the spoonful of sugar to make the evidentiary medicine of near-term human extinction go down.

I posted a 51-second introductory video at Rizzle earlier today. I welcome your viewership of this and future videos.

I will earn no money from this endeavor. As with most of my other work, I will create and post these short videos because I value evidence and humor. I assume others do, too.