Self-Reinforcing Feedback Loops: #6


The video embedded above is the fourth in a numbered series of more than 30 short videos that collectively summarize the Self-Reinforcing Feedback Loops section of my long essay, “Climate-Change Summary” (previously, “Climate-Change Summary and Update”). They are preceded by a brief introduction. This video and the ones to follow will briefly describe between one and four self-reinforcing feedback loops, with an emphasis on peer-reviewed papers and national-level assessments.


Dark deposits on icefields in Greenland, which absorb more sunlight and lead to faster glacial melting. Photograph: Henrik Egede Lassen/Alpha Film


Latest peer-reviewed journal article:

McPherson, Guy. 2021. Rapid Loss of Habitat for Homo sapiens. Academia Letters Number 498, 1 April 2021.


Book Published Recently:

McPherson, Guy R. 2020. Academic Pursuits. Woodthrush Productions, New York.


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