Rollercoaster redux

To his imperial credit, Barack Obama did manage to calm the stock markets for a year. But his promises of oversight and transparency are being overwhelmed by his actions. It’s obvious the banksters will not be regulated on Obama’s watch in any significant manner because the entire American economic system is based on fraud, and hope is the only thing left in Pandora’s Obama’s box of tricks.

As adults know, hope is for little kids and tooth fairies.

Today’s panic-infused stock-market crash was an ode to days economists thought long gone. But those economists continue to be stunned at every substantive event, as if passing the world oil peak couldn’t be expected to generate any economic consequences.

“High prices will cause the market to generate substitutes,” they cry. I guess we can expect a comprehensive substitute for crude oil to show up any day now. Or perhaps these long-predicted swings in the price of oil will continue to destroy capital and therefore lead to one canceled alt-energy project after another.

I suspect we’re back on the stock-market rollercoaster with a general trend down. Probably way down, by year’s end. But the crash that completes the collapse of American Empire could come any day, and today was a near miss after a six-month series of near misses came to a halt last March. The Dow lost about a thousand ticks today in a 15-minute span before the plunge protection team (PPT) took quick action to save the imperial day.

Oh, wait, there’s no PPT. It wouldn’t be completely legal for the federal government to buy stocks in the beloved free market, would it? And certainly not when the mantra is hope change transparency. I guess those traders just came to their senses and regained confidence in the markets. Lucky thing, too, from the imperial perspective: Another hour without intervention from the PPT and we’d be looking out over the smoldering ashes of the industrial economy this time next week.

If all goes well, the U.S. will be forced into hyperinflation or default even before the next oil-price shock brings down the industrial economy. If we’re really in the midst of the empire’s last dance, soon enough we won’t be forced to choke down lines such as these:

“There’s more war in America’s future — a great deal more, judging by the Obama Administration’s reports, pronouncements and actions in recent months”

“U.S. exempted BP rig from environmental study”

“The world may be on the brink of biological disaster after news that a third of US bee colonies did not survive the winter”

“Scientists and environmentalists from around the world assessed the state of global biodiversity and found that it has been in steady decline”

“An American Chernobyl”

And so it goes, headline after headline, until the process of killing the planet to transfer money from the poor to the rich finally succeeds in killing us, too. Until, if the corporatocracy running the industrial show has its way, the last human on the planet accumulates all the material wealth and celebrates gleefully with his last breath.

This story could end another way, if only we’d let it. If only we’d trade in hope wishful thinking for action, the culture of make believe for the reality of the real world, insanity for reason, the horrors of extirpation and extinction for the living planet, a dead-end road in a hellish future for the heavenly wonders of life itself.

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  • This is an old quote, but fits;

    he end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • The AP assures us that it was just a simple computer glitch that nobody understands. Those wacky computers!

  • Looks like the six hour average high wet-bulb temerature at the mudhut might remain non-lethal, even at 12 degrees C. The dance parties, however, (because of increased metabolic heat and surface skin temperatures) will need to be relocated to antarctica or the root cellar.

    Gas prices are headed up soon. Like any good scientist, I can feel it in my bones.

  • I like how all of the ‘solutions’ to the Earth Day Spill involve being able to continue to extract oil. No sense in shutting the well down with that robot technology used to justify opening the whole ocean to drilling, when that would cancel future ‘profits’ that will ‘pay’ for the clean up.

  • Perhaps the only thing worse than being deceived and lied to by the government and the “powers that be” would be having them tell us the truth. Right now people still have hope and have not started to panic. The truth will finally set the people free from hope and they will panic. Yes they will. Yes they will.

    Stan Moore

  • The masses would just call for the heads of those who told the truth. The truth is no longer capable of setting us free. Hell we wouldn’t know the truth if it hit us in the face. We have the truth rushing towards us but we still trust the mechanism to carry the day. No folks, this story only has one ending and that is to play this thing out and see what’s left on the scrap pile. When the mass majority have no idea that another existence is even possible then it’s time to hang on and brace for impact. Of course if a gorilla shows up and posts on Facebook maybe the masses will see the truth…or just delete him as a friend.

  • For those of us that are self sufficient, capable and logical the financial problems are irrelevant. Grow your own food, collect your own water and produce clean energy and you will see just how misguided the fiat money system really is. Concentrate on what you need rather than what you want.

  • Yea, what Jerry said!

    Well, we aren’t quite there yet, but we’re producing as much protein as we need — and supplying excess to six other families!

    The key to happiness is to keep your focus low on Maslow’s Hierarchy.

  • Moody’s—another criminal organization praised recently by Warren Buffet,is being considered for criminal charges by the SEC.

    When will people recognize that Buffet has a huge conflict of interest,
    when he tells us how wonderful the criminal corporations that he has
    gigantic investments in are praised by him in his hypocritical,self-serving manner.

    Warren,you are a criminal flak.

    Double D