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On 28 January 2015, The Daily Call commented on the Progressive Radio Network, with a favorable review of Nature Bats Last. Catch it here.

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Recent Video

5 September 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

29 August 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

9 August 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

1 August 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

25 July 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

18 July 2020, Ask an Ecologist Anything. Video embedded below.

10 June 2020, upon invitation, I interacted via Zoom with several people. The chosen topic: crises to consciousness. The resulting video recording is embedded below.

22 April 2020 live presentation delivered remotely for the 13th annual Planet Heart’s Peace and Earth Day event, with my presentation at the 33:40 mark

22 April 2020 at the 2020 Live Hope Festival, with video embedded below

11 September 2019 with Pauline Schneider regarding a paper published in Scientific American on 11 September 2019. The piece was written by Kate Marvel, and it took issue with Jonathan Franzen’s 8 September 2019 article in The New Yorker. The resulting video is embedded below.

3 May 2019, Mother Foucault’s Book Shop, Portland, Oregon

22 April 2019, Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, California

13 April 2019 public library in Juneau, Alaska

8 April 2019 public library in Juneau, Alaska

9 April 2019 at University of Alaska, Fairbanks

27 March 2019 I spoke in a public forum with Professor Yonder Gillihan at Boston College. Professor Gillihan is Professor of Theology. We explored the intersection of abrupt climate change and apocalyptic events in the Christian Bible. The resulting video is embedded below.

Two recent video clips released in this space are relevant to this topic. The first points out potential, near-term causes of habitat loss for human animals. The second provides a few examples of non-human animals that have gone extinct rapidly.

Tim Bob’s 30-minute, edited version of our conversation is embedded below.

9 January 2019 in Tucson with my friend and renowned ecowarrior Doug Peacock, along with his wife Andrea. We chatted briefly on camera. An edited version of our conversation is embedded below.


22 August 2018 in Woodstock, New York, presentation and Q&A embedded below, respectively


Similar presentations were delivered on 12, 13, and 15 August 2018 in Wisconsin. Video from the 13 August 2018 presentation in Ashland is embedded below. Q&A videos from each presentation — Cornucopia, Ashland, and Stevens Point, respectively — are posted below the “presentation” video in chronological order.


9 July 2018 in San Diego, California, video embedded below


26 May 2018 at SOAK 2018 near Portland, Oregon, video embedded below


26 April 2018 I participated in a discussion as part of the East Bay Sierra Club’s dinner series. With thanks to the series chair Jamen Shively, the resulting poor video is embedded below.


5 April 2018 by the Canadian Prepper, embedded below in two parts


21 November 2017, the whole tawdry mess in 23 minutes embedded below


7 November 2017, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Video embedded below.


7 November 2017 I was joined in conversation by Martin Halliwell and Paul Beckwith. The resulting video is embedded below.


2 November 2017 joined by Pauline Schneider for an interview at THAT Channel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The conversation is embedded below.


9 October 2017, Burbank, California, Inaugural Schultz Awareness Lecture embedded below and followed by Q&A


14 July 2017, Madison, Wisconsin, embedded below in two parts


6 May 2017, McKittrick, Missouri embedded twice below. The first version was recorded and edited by Pauline Schneider, and the second — in two parts — by an unidentified audience member. Thanks to all.


4 May 2017, Heart, Body, and Soul, Columbia, Missouri, temporarily archived here

3 May 2017, University of Missouri, Columbia, archived temporarily here

1 May 2017, Press TV’s Economic Divide episode described and embedded here

22 December 2016, Fayetteville Free Library near Syracuse, New York, video is posted below in two parts

6 December 2016, Wellington, New Zealand archived below

8 August 2016 Alisa Christensen extracted and edited the video embedded below, in two parts, from a presentation in Portland, Oregon

17 May 2016 Dwain Deets shot, edited, and uploaded the video below, in two parts. It is based on a presentation and subsequent discussion in Encinitas, California.

11 May 2016 Annie Newman shot, edited, and uploaded the video below. It is based on a conversation in Santa Cruz, California.

19 February 2016 short video describing evidence underlying the firing of the clathrate gun, created upon request. The video is embedded below.

18 February 2016 episode of “Economic Divide” on Press TV includes an interview with McPherson. Description and embedded video are here.

6 December 2015 presentation in Miami Beach, Florida is embedded below

23 November 2015 Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe released a short documentary film dedicated to Stage Seven of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief, which I wrote about in early October 2015. The documentary film is embedded below.

14 November 2015 Marc Haneburght created a short, catchy video. It’s embedded below.

13 August 2015 I was interviewed alongside journalist Dahr Jamail by the Real News Network. The video result is embedded below and the full description and transcript can be found here.

4 August 2015 short film embedded below was created by Marc Harneburght, and it features Paul Beckwith and me. It’s the first of two parts.

6 July 2015 interview with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV embedded below. Interview was conducted during early March 2015.

27 June 2015 video created for release of the revised second edition of Extinction Dialogs is embedded below

24 June 2015 presentation in Eugene, Oregon is embedded below

18 June 2015 presentation in the public library on Bainbridge Island, Washington is embedded below

17 June 2015 presentation in the Royal Room, Seattle, Washington is embedded below

Climate Talk Seattle from Dan Warter (DCS Films) on Vimeo.

12 June 2015 presentation on the campus of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia is embedded below

21 May 2015 video created upon request from Long Future Foundation. The person who contacted me wanted me to address the issue of avoiding human extinction, assuming access to a tremendous amount of money, in two minutes. My seven-seconds-too-long response is embedded below.

Mid-April 2015 in Bristol, United Kingdom is embedded below

23 April 2015 video from a presentation I delivered in Lonay, Switzerland (embedding is disabled)

Interview from 21 April 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland is embedded below. It addresses several issues, my personal journey, civilization, abrupt climate change, summary, and reactions. Big thanks to Miriam Rathke, David Kruger, and Edwin Moser.

Presentation from 14 April 2015 in Hamburg, Germany is embedded directly below. With big thanks to David Kruger and Edwin Moser, the presentation with German translation is embedded beneath the English version.

Presentation from York, England on the evening of Thursday, 9 April 2015 is embedded below, along with follow-up Q&A. Big thanks to Nick Breeze, Mike Ferrigan, David Kruger, and Edwin Moser.

Embedding is disabled for the presentation I delivered in Konstanz, Germany on 20 April 2015. It’s linked here.

Pauline Schneider worked behind the camera as I delivered the presentation embedded below. It’s from 27 February 2015 in New York, New York, and was titled, Abrupt Climate Change: How Will You Show Up During Humanity’s Final Chapter?

Interview conducted by Reese Jones on 15 December 2014 is embedded below in multiple parts.

I participated in the Earth at Risk conference in San Francisco, California. I was part of a panel that convened the morning of Saturday, 22 November. Much video of the conference is embedded below, and the panel of which I was part — kicked off by me — starts at the 1:07:42 mark.

McPherson’s presentation in Grass Valley, California on 20 November 2014 is embedded below. Big thanks to Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe.

Discussion circle from 18 November 2014 in Chico, California is embedded below. Big thanks to Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe for shooting and editing video.

Presentations about conventional and abrupt climate change are embedded below. They were conducted in Chico, California in late November 2014. They were shot by, and are provided by, Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe.

25 October 2014, presentation and subsequent discussion, Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington, New Zealand, embedded below


An excerpt from a presentation in Chico, California on 30 September 2014 is embedded below, courtesy of Ivey Cone.

30 September 2014, California State University, Chico, California

“Climate Crisis: Are We There Yet?” Sustainability Speakers Series

90 minutes including extensive Q&A



28 September 2014, one of four panelists for a local television show in Santa Cruz, California, embedded below

28 September 2014, one of four panelists participating in an open exchange about climate change. It’s embedded below.

16 September 2014, mentioned in the video embedded below provided by Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe.

9, 10, 17, 25 July 2014; 11 and 21 August 2014;and 11 September 2014 YouTube interviews with Reese Jones. The entire collection can be found at this link, and the playlist is here, too.

Late June 2014, Living Green with Michael Harris embedded below

4 June 2014 forum with H. Leighton Steward is embedded here in two parts. My 20-minute presentation is embedded below.

GuyCO2Wyoming from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

16 May 2014 presentation in rural Ecuador is embedded below

Guy’s Collapse Talk in Ecuador from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

The presentation I delivered at the University of Rhode Island is embedded below, in seven parts. The event occurred 12 April 2014, and is described here (with links to all video).

4 April 2014 television interview with Thom Hartmann, “Conversations with Great Minds” is embedded below

Presentation delivered in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, 30 March 2014. It’s embedded below, along with subsequent Q&A. Description and audio file are here.

Studio presentation and subsequent interview with David Thompson in Bolingbrook, Illinois on Saturday, 29 March 2014 is embedded below

Clip embedded below is from an interview with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV. The interview was conducted 25 February 2014 and a transcript is here.

The clip below is based on an interview with Thom Hartmann. The Skype-based interview took place 18 March 2014.

The presentation embedded below was delivered 28 February 2014 in Olympia, Washington. The clip includes a brief presentation and subsequent Q&A.

I read from Going Dark while visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada during early February 2014. The result is embedded below

Support the making of Pauline Schneider’s film here. Trailer is embedded below.

The presentation embedded below was delivered 3 October 2013 at DePauw University. The clip is all presentation, no Q&A. It was edited to bring it up to date on 5 November 2013. YouTube version is here.

Guy’s Climate Chaos Presentation from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

The presentation embedded below was delivered 16 October 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. Title of the 33-minute presentation: “How do we act in the face of climate chaos?” The ensuing time is spent responding to comments and questions.

Clip below was produced 5 October 2013 presentation in Three Rivers, California. My presentation is about 30 minutes, and subsequent Q&A accounts for the remaining 40 minutes or so. Big thanks to my hosts and videographers, Wendi Morrison and Keith Merritt.

On 6 October 2013, I spoke at a “March Against Monsanto” pep rally, a precursor to the 12 October 2013 nationwide march. The result is embedded below.

The clip below was shot by Pauline Schneider in October 2013. It contains material that might be used in the documentary film she is creating. Her work can be supported here.

Guy-3Min from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

The clips below were shot by Pauline Schneider in late August 2013. They might be used for the documentary film she is creating.

Guy: Falling in love again from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

Posts with recent video clips

November 2012, Amherst, Massachusetts, Power-down and permaculture

November 2012, western Massachusetts, The twin sides of the fossil-fuel coin (with Spanish subtitles here)

Numerous other clips can be found on the Interviews page under the heading, “Broadcast media”