Coming Events

27 April 2017, East Bay Sierra Club monthly meeting, Berkeley, California, details forthcoming.

28 April – 7 May 2017, Monterey, California through Ashland, Oregon, details forthcoming.

4-8 August 2017, SHA2017 Hacker conference, Zeewolde, The Netherlands

2-16 November 2017: I’m tentatively scheduled to tour Ontario, Canada, with possible support from Sudbury, Hamilton, Montreal, and Ottawa. If you’d like to throw your hat into the ring, please send a message to To keep costs down, as part of this tour I am seeking hosts and venues in and near Burlington, Vermont.

If you would like to book a presentation or solicit my participation in an event, please contact me at To read more about booking an event, scroll to the bottom of my About page. Additional information is available here and also see the video clips below.