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“The John Muir Series: Answering the Call of Life”

Abrupt climate change is now upon us. An overview of the last 12 months reveals a rapid downward spiral: from droughts, wildfires, and mudslides here in California to melting icecaps, rising seas, and 100-year hurricanes becoming the new norm. The possibility of near-term human extinction, driven by extreme climate change, is a real concern; and the acceleration of the current sixth mass extinction event, a near certainty. No one knows for sure when we will pass the tipping point of runaway climate change, or whether we have surpassed that point already. And if and when we do cross it, what then? How high will temperatures and sea levels rise? How quickly? Given the broad spectrum of predictions regarding time frames and impacts, the central question becomes: In the face of all this uncertainty, what can we do today in order to course correct, before it’s too late? To date, as a species, our predictable response has been “business as usual” and “wait and see.” Clearly, there must be a much more responsible response. But what could it be?

Come join us for parts 2 and 3 of a three-part series of Sierra Club Dinners: the John Muir Series on Answering the Call of Life. We will “answer the call” together, both in-person at the Dinners, and via continuous online conversations on This new series of Dinners is designed to be the central hub of all these conversations. The first three Dinners of this series set out to address the following questions, as a foundation for our collective response to the predicament of abrupt climate change:

• April 26: Among all the possible strategies (discussed during Part I on 22 March 2018) to combat abrupt climate change, which ones ought we to prioritize as the more important? Which set of solutions should humanity design, develop, and deploy in order to stave off such worst-case scenarios and even regenerate the ecosystems that remain?

• May 24: From the many forums convening all around the world to address climate change, how can we convene a planetary “forum of forums” that would unite us and focus our collective intelligence on our shared predicament? As one of the oldest and best known environmental organizations in the world, the Sierra Club is perfectly positioned to be a leader in this collective adventure.

26 April 2018, East Bay Sierra Club Dinner
“The John Muir Series: Answering the Call of Life”

“Part II: Strategies and Solutions for Abrupt Climate Change”

Thursday, 26 April 2018, no-host cocktails/social hour—6 pm, dinner—7:00, program—8:00, intermission—9:00, after hours group discussion—9:15-11:00. Berkeley Yacht Club on the Berkeley Marina, one block north of the west end of University Avenue (ample free parking is available in the Marina parking lots).

Building off of Part I, this April 26 Dinner will zero in on those strategies and solutions which hold the most promise for saving as much of the diversity of life on Earth as possible, in the face of the scenarios predicted by scientists in Part I.

Come join us as we explore the exciting prospects of possible solutions — from global geoshading to local archologies (similar to Biosphere 2) — which aim to preserve species and ecosystems from the ravages of abrupt climate change. These “physical solutions” will only work when paired with the necessary political and economic solutions, since nothing short of a deep transformation across all the relevant realms of life on Earth can possibly carry the day.

In Part II, Jamen Shively and Professor Guy McPherson shall be joined by other experts who will facilitate a group conversation among the Dinner guests, spanning all of these topics. Come prepared for a truly exciting evening, even as we grapple with these life-and-death choices.


Cost of dinner and program is $30, including tax and tip. $10 for program only, starting at 8 p.m. For a reservation, please send your check, payable to “Sierra Club,” with your name, your telephone number, and the names of your guests, to:

Jane Barrett
170 Vicente Road
Berkeley, CA 94705
510 845-8055

Attendance is limited to the first 115 reservations received. Reserve early, as these programs do fill up. Reservation deadline is April 19.


4 May 2018, 7:00 p.m., Midcoast Presbyterian Church, 84 Main Street, Topsham, Maine Canceled due to fear

7 May 2018, 7:00 p.m., Christ Church United, 180 East Merrimack Street, Lowell, Massachusetts Canceled due to fear

SOAK 2018, 25-29 May 2018, Justesen Ranch near Portland, Oregon (on Facebook, too)


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