I offer a wide range of copy-writing, communications, website creation and marketing automation skills to anyone involved in any project that seeks to minimize human damage at any scale.

I’d love to work with someone who’s doing something meaningful, as opposed to just “following the money”, which I’ve been forced to do for 20 years.

I will do 3 hours of free work for any such project, and after that we’ll see what happens. I refer to …

– fund raising for any “green” project
– scientific projects
– recruiting for gardening and community collectives
– anything that seeks to have a net positive effect on the Earth

I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life as a house-bound journeyman with autoimmune disorders, helping people market this and that on the Internet, with a few large successes.

My main income was recently reduced by 66% and in my need to replace my income, I despair at the thought of doing any more work that is personally meaningless to me, in the short time we have left.

I’d almost rather live under a bridge than help another person sell mortgages, stock trading strategies or woo-woo self improvement crap.

If you’re not involved in a project that seeks to limit human destruction to the environment, at any level, but you know someone who is … please pass my contact info along to them.

Contact me …

Scott C
705 749 2225

Thanks for your time.


Openings at Survival Sanctuary near Mt. St. Helens, SW Washington/NW Oregon

We are a little Sanctuary in the foothills of Mt. St. Helens east of Kelso, WA. House at m 300′ elevation, 5 forested acres (alder, maple, cedar, fir, blackberries), directly adjacent to millions of acres of uninhabited forest land where we can freely roam (deer, elk, wild turkeys, m coyotes, cougar?) We are wilderness-based, not city, town, or farm-based.

We plan to keep the Team small for many reasons, including that our fallout shelter only holds 6.

We are prepared for nuclear war, disease plague (by self-isolation), climate disruption (although our weakness is forest fire), and general financial/commercial/political collapse (by self-sufficiency). We are also in fairly good shape for most Black Swans (earthquake, etc.) The Sanctuary is prepared to make the transition to complete and permanent self-sufficiency if necessary (gardening, hunting, fishing, herbal medicine).

Current members include a mental-health therapist, a mechanical engineer, a medical pathology assistant, and a plant nursery worker. We have many other skills among us.

In new people, we are more interested in maturity and good values than any certain skills, but you must be fairly well educated, open to learning, and willing to teach what you know. Emotional stability, intelligence, patience, respect, cooperation, and intuition are highly valued. We are NOT interested in control freaks, politicians, chatter boxes, or the judgmental, impulsive, lazy, or defensive.

Excellent health and mobility, and strong immune systems, are necessary. No drug dependencies (including recreational), significant food allergies, or claustrophobia. Politics and religion must be kept strictly personal. No costs (other than your own gear), but you must have reliable transportation.

This Sanctuary is not a residential situation for most members during normal times, but a retreat location where we gather about 6 weekends a year to explore, work, learn, and play. We also stay ready to dash to the Sanctuary if/when “something” happens. We have 2 openings, suitable for individuals, a couple, or parent and youth. We only consider youth who are capable of completely grown-up behavior whenever it is needed (minimum age of about 8), and we would look at the youth’s qualities and motivations, just as we would with an adult.

The Sanctuary is strictly private, not associated with any government, business, or religion, and we
will keep all communications confidential:
zimindrixli [at] yahoo [dot] com.


We are a gathering place for those who want to share and learn to develop lives of purpose and deep fulfillment in the midst of NTE. Our 2-acre property has a 150 year old inn and 4 apartments in 2 buildings located in a town of 300 in Vermont at the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest and the White River.

There is an opportunity to participate in the permaculture farming project. There are chickens and ducks, raspberry and blackerry bushes, apple trees, garden beds with rich black soil, a hoop house and a hugel bed.

Join us!

Thank you, Kathleen Byrne 802-767-3734


Embracing Impermanence on the Blue Ridge. Beyond ‘sustainable’ or ‘self suffiicient’ Established Farm Seeks Resourceful Souls to celebrate this Auspicious Age. Much infrastructure in place, more to do. Not a retirement condo. Not for clocking in & out, full participation required. Current residents are non veg students of The Vedas with on farm biz to share. All non cert Organic. Thanks,

More details on Facebook:

Terra Nova de Corazón
1.1 Hectare Orchard/Food Forest covered in dozens of varieties of Mature Fruit Trees in Manglaralto
Located on the well-paved Via Dos Mangas, Manglaralto
11,000 m2 Lot
3 structures:
– 10x10m blue-roofed structure enclosed with bamboo and mosquito netting has kitchen/dining area with tile floor downstairs, and loft/bedroom/yoga studio with wood floor above;
– 2-story white concrete building has bathroom/shower downstairs, bedroom/office + bamboo loft upstairs;
– newly constructed 3-story/split- level bamboo “treehouse” has 3x3m floors, with high ceilings and gorgeous views.
Entirely new electrical system installed in 2016, including transformer
Private well with pump and pressure tank
2000 liter rainwater collection system
Riverfront Property
Over 20 varieties of mature fruit trees, and a dozen other edible plants
Prepared garden beds
Chicken coop
4 km (2.5 mi) to Manglaralto beach
6 km to Montañita

$25/m2 $275,000 – FINANCING AVAILABLE

Please contact:
Catherine Campion
WhatsApp: +16129900046


An Invitation to come and live love and pursue a life of excellence as Dr. McPherson so eloquently puts it.
I have been entrusted with a piece of Mother Earth going on 22 years now. The property is located in Montana 30 miles North of Missoula Montana that I am wanting to share this most magical and abundant place with others.
Located 30 miles North of Missoula, Montana.

This 40-acre secluded property has very fertile dirt for gardening as I have grown huge organic gardens here in the past. It has some very large virgin timber (fir pine birch aspen poplar cottonwood) a artesian spring as well as the back boundary has a medium size river which originates out of Native lands on the Flathead Confederated Reservation.
I have recently returned to this place I call home and wanting others that have a large array of skill sets to come and join me for the times ahead that have mastered being honest, reliable, loving-compassionate human beings.

My plans are to bring in an excavator and build a combination of Mike Oehler and other’s work in building underground homes. He built the first underground house for 50.00 in the 70’s. More info at
You as well can see many example pictures on Pinterest
The power and well are in and I also brought in an older 2 bedroom 14 x 70 mobile home that has been used as a rental to keep the place attended to in my absence. That could be used as a living area while the underground projects are completed.

I reside in a old 60 plus year old cabin here on the property.

Since returning in April of this year I have planted a food forest/edible landscapes such as grapes, raspberries, strawberries, currants, plums, artic kiwi, cherries, goji-berries sea-berry to name a few, and the kitchen garden has been started consisting of watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, squash and greens.
I have also fell numerous large and small trees for the underground project and purchased some of the epdm rubber membrane for the roof of these homes.
A little about me. As long as I can remember I have danced to the beat of my own drum. I have most of the time gone against the grain and learned much in doing so. I was voted woman of the year in Missoula Mt in the 80’s, was the first woman to be hired in Montana for the State of Montana Dept of Transportation for driving truck, as well as the 2nd to be hired for the same in the 5 state Northwest.

I am not religious but I do believe there is a Creator. I am 60 years young.
Please contact me


FOR SALE: 2 1/2 acres
Dune Forest Property
Elberta, Michigan
2 1/2 acres, walking distance to Critical Dunes, Lake Michigan & Land Conservancy. Easement to Hang Gliding Ramp Association off Ellsworth Trail & M-22. Ideal Building site on maintained Private drive, perched high, heavily wooded, with a slight view of Betsie Bay. access to a well southern lit plot for gardening and a natural spring shoots out of my side of the estate for a potential Spring Box.

contact me directly for details or to schedule for a viewing.
Robert Bruce Bushway