We are a gathering place for those who want to share and learn to develop lives of purpose and deep fulfillment in the midst of NTE. Our 2 acre property has a 150 year old inn and 4 apartments in 2 buildings located in a town of 300 in Vermont at the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest and the White River.

There is an opportunity to participate in the permaculture farming project. There are chickens and ducks, raspberry and blackerry bushes, apple trees, garden beds with rich black soil, a hoop house and a hugel bed.

Join us!

Thank you, Kathleen Byrne 802-767-3734


Embracing Impermanence on the Blue Ridge. Beyond ‘sustainable’ or ‘self suffiicient’ Established Farm Seeks Resourceful Souls to celebrate this Auspicious Age. Much infrastructure in place, more to do. Not a retirement condo. Not for clocking in & out, full participation required. Current residents are non veg students of The Vedas with on farm biz to share. All non cert Organic. Thanks,


For those in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area a support group has started up post Guy’s local presentations earlier this year. If you would like to join the regional listserv please go here: Our next gathering is September 28th at 7 pm at Potala Restaurant. This has become a regular 4th Wednesday evening event although we are still fine tuning the location. While this meeting is happening in the East Bay we imagine this listserv growing to include the entire Bay Area with announcements for all local meetups posted. Our focus for the public meeting is discussion and sharing strength. We also meet the 2nd Sunday at a private home where we pass the talking stick to listen and speak from the heart in the first half of the meeting, broadening to discussion and potluck after. You can learn more about the Sunday meetings at the Wednesday meeting on Sept 28. Join us!

More details on Facebook:

Terra Nova de Corazón
1.1 Hectare Orchard/Food Forest covered in dozens of varieties of Mature Fruit Trees in Manglaralto
Located on the well-paved Via Dos Mangas, Manglaralto
11,000 m2 Lot
3 structures:
– 10x10m blue-roofed structure enclosed with bamboo and mosquito netting has kitchen/dining area with tile floor downstairs, and loft/bedroom/yoga studio with wood floor above;
– 2-story white concrete building has bathroom/shower downstairs, bedroom/office + bamboo loft upstairs;
– newly constructed 3-story/split- level bamboo “treehouse” has 3x3m floors, with high ceilings and gorgeous views.
Entirely new electrical system installed in 2016, including transformer
Private well with pump and pressure tank
2000 liter rainwater collection system
Riverfront Property
Over 20 varieties of mature fruit trees, and a dozen other edible plants
Prepared garden beds
Chicken coop
4 km (2.5 mi) to Manglaralto beach
6 km to Montañita

$25/m2 $275,000 – FINANCING AVAILABLE

Please contact:
Catherine Campion
WhatsApp: +16129900046


An Invitation to come and live love and pursue a life of excellence as Mr. McPherson so eloquently puts it.
I have been entrusted with a piece of Mother Earth going on 22 years now. The property is located in Montana 30 miles North of Missoula Montana that I am wanting to share this most magical and abundant place with others.
Located 30 miles North of Missoula Montana
This 40 acre secluded property has very fertile dirt for gardening as I have grown huge organic gardens here in the past. It has some very large virgin timber ( fir pine birch aspen poplar cottonwood) a artesian spring as well as the back boundary has a medium size river which originates out of Native lands on the Flathead Confederated Reservation.
I have recently returned to this place I call home and wanting others that have a large array of skill sets to come and join me for the times ahead that have mastered being honest, reliable, loving-compassionate human beings.
My plans are to bring in an excavator and build a combination of Mike Oehler and other’s work in building underground homes. He built the first underground house for 50.00 in the 70’s. More info at
You as well can see many example pictures on Pinterest
The power and well are in and I also brought in an older 2 bedroom 14 x 70 mobile home that has been used as a rental to keep the place attended to in my absence. That could be used as a living area while the underground projects are completed.
I reside in a old 60 plus year old cabin here on the property.
Since returning in April of this year I have planted a food forest/edible landscapes such as grapes, raspberries, strawberries, currants, plums, artic kiwi, cherries, goji-berries sea-berry to name a few, and the kitchen garden has been started consisting of watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, squash and greens.
I have also fell numerous large and small trees for the underground project and purchased some of the epdm rubber membrane for the roof of these homes.
A little about me. As long as I can remember I have danced to the beat of my own drum. I have most of the time gone against the grain and learned much in doing so. I was voted woman of the year in Missoula Mt in the 80’s, was the first woman to be hired in Montana for the State of Montana Dept of Transportation for driving truck, as well as the 2nd to be hired for the same in the 5 state Northwest.
I am not religious but I do believe there is a Creator. I am 60 years young.
Please contact me


FOR SALE: 2 1/2 acres
Dune Forest Property
Elberta, Michigan
2 1/2 acres, walking distance to Critical Dunes, Lake Michigan & Land Conservancy. Easement to Hang Gliding Ramp Association off Ellsworth Trail & M-22. Ideal Building site on maintained Private drive, perched high, heavily wooded, with a slight view of Betsie Bay. access to a well southern lit plot for gardening and a natural spring shoots out of my side of the estate for a potential Spring Box.

contact me directly for details or to schedule for a viewing.
Robert Bruce Bushway

P.S. More pictures to come


I (Amy) was out walking one of our dogs about a week ago in South Minneapolis and I saw a car with a Nature Bats Last bumper sticker. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to knock on all the doors around to find out who the car belonged to. I walk the same walk most days and had never seen the car before and sadly I haven’t seen it since. It did plant the idea in my mind, however, that maybe there is somebody else in this state who actually has a clue — other than Susan and I. We are struggling — there is no other way to put it. This website seems a logical place to connect with others online but we would really love to connect with people who we can see and spend time with if at all possible. If interested, please email us, Amy and Susan, at


Seeking vegan animal rights type folks to brainstorm the creation of 100% vegan community in the USA. I currently own a house very near San Francisco and would like to move away from earthquake risks and extreme drought.


Hello from New Zealand, 20 some yrs ago I moved to NZ worried about the state of the planet and the politics of war and waste. I set out buying a large piece of property and making part of it into a bread basket, planting thousands of trees of all sort. Things are now flourishing. I’m on my own micro hydro, and have an extensive library. I also have a container full of food making and preserving implements. I’m 72, I need serious mature people who have rural skills and experience to take over so I can pass the property on for as long as things last. Contact me via email:


From the Introduction of Bud Nye’s Unincorporated Non-profit Association Friendship Agreement (full pdf here):

In dramatic contrast with our now socially fragmented and alienated society, as the perfect storm of global-scale collapse processes continue it seems certain that over time people will increasingly find it crucially important to work together in small, mutually supportive groups. For this reason, some readers of this blog may have an interest in this Friendship Agreement, which people can customize for their particular situation. This example Agreement focuses on sharing land between friends and should seem self-explanatory to the reader. Given time and stress, conflict will always occur within groups. The motive for the Agreement involves minimizing conflict to the greatest extent possible and, when it occurs, using the conflict creatively to strengthen the group not weaken it. If anyone would like an M.S. Word copy of this file to customize for their use, I will send you one by email. As always, I remain open to others telling me about any errors they find and making suggestions for improvements.


My name is Blane Faul and I live in Lafayette, LA. I am interested in hooking up with other like-minded folks in my area for the purpose of establishing an NBLDSS (NBL Drinking and Solidarity Society). My email is and my telephone number is 337-277-2624.


I’d like to start a “NBL Drinking and Solidarity Society” (thanks to Judith Haran for the inspiration) in western North Carolina (I live in Brevard). To gather with sister & brother doomers two to twelve times per year to connect, commiserate some about the short-sightedness of 99.99% of our fellow humans and enjoy each others’ company. This would not be a “prepper” group. Support and social interactions only. Guy McPherson will connect us. Thanks, Anne

I’d like to start a “NBL Drinking and/or Solidarity Society” in the U.K. (thanks to Judith Haran for the inspiration). We sister and brother realists will gather two to twelve times per year to connect and commiserate about the short-sightedness of 99.99% of our fellow humans and enjoy each other’s company. This would not be a “prepper” group: support and social interactions only. Guy McPherson will connect us. Thanks, AC in Scotland.


Seeking those who seek to share life

Oh you, who hunger for nurturing a life of justice by living in intentional community, I want to share life with you. I hold title to a suburban home and plot in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, where I am working to foster a space for some of us to live together and support each other. As of this writing, we have plenty of open space in this house for you to live with us, and we also have plenty of need for your help and support as we work to heal and strengthen the broader community.

My vision of justice acknowledges and yearns for the end of the dominant trends of fear, exploitation, and violence, and instead seeks to emphasize the critical importance of interdependence and relationships—all relationships, both among humans and between humans and the Earth and her other inhabitants—with the hope of spreading a resilient and beautiful culture that embraces life and love. Those of us who live in the house now, including myself, attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus for guidance on this path, including particularly his call to live in radical yet joyful poverty and his emphasis on the deep importance of forgiveness (of debt and sin). As well, we turn to him and his example for inspiration and courage.

If you need support for trying to live differently, and if you think this sort of situation would make sense for you (or even if you are simply interested in discussing all this further), please be welcome to contact me, John L. Clark, by email at There are, of course, many reasons why living with us directly might not make sense for you—the most obvious of which being our immediate physical limitations. I still want to share life with you, though, in the broadest sense of community. Please let me know if there is some way that I can support you and help you build a community of support for us all. Please do consider sharing what you have with others and—in love—forgiving them of their sins and debts so that we can put ourselves on a new path.


At 4,600 feet above sea level in rural, southwestern New Mexico you’ll find 2.73 private acres and a 1,400-square-foot trailer home. Latter has large, south-facing, stick-and-stucco addition with skylights, lots of light, and solar gain. Good well and water quality and 1/8-acre water right. Two sheds and one converted school bus with kitchen addition and electric and running water. Gorgeous 180-degree view, end of the road, bordered by public land on two sides, ramadas, shade trees, and gardens. $140,000, no owner financing. Contact


Many of you clearly understand the challenges that our world faces. Often that realization is accompanied by despair. An antidote to the despair that I have discovered is Action. My wife and I have been working full-time these past 14 years to create a sustainable existence on some beautiful land in Southern Utah … we raise our own veggies, herbs, fruit and animals for meat. We forage and hunt. We fix or rig everything ourselves. We repurpose things from the dump. We engage with the local community by selling and sharing our food, hosting musical events and workshops, showing movies in the barn and offering a tool library. We live very happily in these troubled times. I think the model we have created is similar to what Guy has been working on at the Mud Hut.

We have come to realize that the knowledge that we have gained these past years is starting to be sought by many so we have decided to offer a 7-month Apprenticeship for 2 people starting this April. It will be all-inclusive and cost $7,500. I wish we could offer it for free but I still do engage in the cash economy and know many do have the means to pay.

The nature of coming here to live, work and learn is intimate so there is no room for a lot of personal baggage … we are not therapists. We approach this work from a point of hope for the future, not despair for the past and present. You need to be in good physical condition but do not need to have any experience in Homesteading.

We will interview applicants to try to ensure that the chemistry will work between us. We encourage you to check references from folks who have worked for us in the past and we will ask you for personal references. Please check out the Apprenticeship Website at
Kind Regards,
Scott and Brynn Brodie
Owners, Red House Farm


Atamai Village: A Resilient Community?

As Guy McPherson has so forcefully summarized in “The twin sides of the fossil fuel coin,” the science has progressed almost as fast as the climate chaos itself. The conclusion from that presentation is that our dear little planet is well on the way to extinguishing all life due to the rapid, unpredictable and non-linear changes we are now witnessing in real time. Projections based on the best current data indicate that life, all life, on planet earth will be extinguished by the middle of this century due to climate chaos – unless some very radical actions are taken on a massive scale.

Planning for Atamai Village began in 2006 with the intention of creating a human settlement that could deal with the challenges presented by climate chaos and energy descent, and all the social and economic implications that were to follow. That was one year prior to the IPCC coming out with its 4th Report identifying human created climate change as a serious issue.

While Atamai Village was well placed to deal with what we understood at the time was going to happen with climate change, Guy’s summary of the current situation means we, along with everyone else, need a major rethink. Our original plan was that we would establish a carbon neutral settlement for some 50 or so families that would see us relatively self-reliant in the same ways that traditional villages were and still are self-reliant. We intended to enhance our resilience by designing the village, based on a traditional model, using best practice permaculture principles.

While we have accomplished much in terms of enhancing our resilience to date, we and everyone else, are in a very different situation than we were a mere 6 years ago. The extinction of all life on the planet is not just another news item (although, interestingly it hasn’t even made the news!) It is as cataclysmic as it gets! It’s not only a big deal it would seem to be THE BIG DEAL and we need to take it seriously. A resilient community in NZ might be a good thing in itself, but it is not going to avert human extinction on its own, or the extinction of all life on the planet.

But we’ve made a start – earlier than most people and groups – and perhaps we have some contribution to make.

What have we accomplished so far?

We have:

• Acquired about 120 ha of land.

• Established a farm operation which is producing fruit and vegetables, has laying poultry, sheep and the beginning of a dairy herd.

• Established a community orchard and garden, and planted thousands of utility trees.

• Created ponds and dams and have done a water inventory of the land so we understand what additional resources we can tap into and what our limits are.

• Completed a permaculture design for the overall village, and created individual land sections each of which is able to support at least permaculture zones 0, 1 &2.

• Obtained permission from our local council to create approximately 40 titles for future villagers. Our plan is for at least 50 titles to eventually be available.

• Welcomed 9 families on site now, some housed in previously existing homes, and one in the first new house built to Atamai Building Guideline standards.

• Demonstrated that the Building Guidelines result in a comfortable dwelling that has almost no operating costs, which generates its own power and water and looks after its own wastes.

• Created a cycle path around the village residential area, so that it can function without cars (all paths are no more than a 10 degree incline).

• Created livelihood opportunities for some villagers and have more available for future villagers.

• Initiated a reforestation project that will increase carbon sequestration and provide future villagers with a variety of lumber for a variety of purposes.

• Created a Commons resource, which largely consists of the majority of land available, as well as equipment, tools and infrastructure.

• Created an Incorporated Society to own and manage the Commons collectively.

• Operated the Society on a consensus decision process since 2010.

• Developed a “layered technology” approach to basic services to ensure we have as much control over our essential technologies as possible for basics such as food, water, energy and shelter, while enjoying more sophisticated (and fragile) technologies while they last.

• Established several Working Groups to carry out Society tasks, including a Strategy Group to look at the big picture issues that will determine our future and the future of the planet.

• Created a small community to work together on our uncertain future. We recognize this is not a task to take on alone.
More details about our vision and what we have done so far are available at www.atamaivillage .com

We are under no illusions that what we have done will avert climate chaos, or protect us from the course of mass extinction we are all on. But we do believe we must keep trying to avert this disaster, and that we are better placed than most to work on the Mother of All Projects. As societies continue to falter under the impact of both Climate Chaos and Resource Depletion, everyone’s options to creatively contribute to adaption and appropriate responses will rapidly diminish. Ever increasing necessities and crisis will make it increasingly difficult to adapt. Atamai Village provides a setting of very high resilience that will keep functioning well beyond most other settlements.

In addition to the steps toward resilience described above, we believe we are well placed to work on this project for at least the following reasons:

• We are to a large degree aware of the problems and are attempting to face them honestly and squarely.

• We have actually made a start – and we have been at it for 6 years and given considerable thought to many aspects of the adaptations that are likely to be necessary, and researched how to approach many of the challenges we will be facing, and implemented them in our plans and built infrastructure

• We are in the Southern Hemisphere, where the impact of climate chaos will take longer than in the Northern Hemisphere – so we may have a few more years to work on these challenges than elsewhere.

• We have gathered people with a variety of skills and interests that are likely to be relevant to work on the challenges ahead.

• We are prepared to adapt our approaches to deal with the realities that are actually confronting us as they unfold.

• We are purposely disseminating and sharing what we have learned and what we might learn with our further attempts to deal with these challenges.

We fully recognize that humanity’s chances of collectively avoiding massive dieoff are low. But we believe there is both a moral and practical imperative in trying.

We intend to give it our best shot and invite anyone who feels they can make a tangible contribution to our efforts – with finances, with creativity and intelligence, with sweat and effort – to step forward and get on with it.

Send us your ideas and tell us about yourself, and ask any questions about how we are proceeding.


Ecovillage Partners Sought

EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Co-operative is looking for some good people who want to work toward sustainable food and energy production for themselves and our surrounding community, while teaching such skills to the broader public.

The Site

We have a lovely 43 acre site on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. While diesel fuel is relatively cheap, we can draw on the metropolitan areas of nearby Victoria and Vancouver for markets, and if TSHTF, it will be nice to have a moat around us.

But being on an island has much deeper significance. We are part of a greater mutually-dependent community. It costs an extra ~$50 in ferries to go to Costco or Mall*Wart, so islanders do business with each other.

We picked the site for its water and its neighbours. We have two streams, with water licenses on each, and an easement to a 50 megalitre reservoir and buried irrigation system, which is essential in this cool Mediterranean climate.

Our neighbours include a 61 acre community farm, a 70 acre organic vegetable farm, an 83 acre organic beef farm, and thousands of acres of wild public parkland, stretching from our southern boundary to the highest peak, down to the ocean, and up to the second-highest peak. We have great relations with our neighbours, share-cropping the hay with one through a cashless barter system by which we have access to organic manure and farm equipment.

About half of the 43 acres is cleared farmland, most of it in hay at the present. Our first major project was to enclose nearly four acres of that in deer fencing, essential to growing food here. A twelve-acre woodlot is used for heating, and we’re continually planting coppice belts for heating and foraging.

There are two houses here, and plans to convert part of one into a private suite are progressing. We currently have building rights to three other houses of any size and a 600 sqft cottage, but we believe the Official Community Plan and BC law would allow us to have a total of thirteen residences here, which we plan to create using “zero mile” materials and techniques.

There is also a building with a heated garage, workshop, and 40-person classroom, and we’ve begun construction of a 3,600 sqft greenhouse.

The property and all structures are owned by the co-op. Individuals own various kinds of shares in the co-op, and at certain levels of “vesting,” have long-term habitation rights.

About You

We’d expect as a minimum that you agree with our shared values, and that you can work well with others. That’s not to say there won’t be disagreements nor room for individualism, just that we want to be with people who stay aware of others and their needs.

Nice would be some good practical skills, in agriculture, small-scale energy production, natural building, etc. We use Permaculture, and as David Holmgren says, we try to be a “jack of all trades, and master of one.” You can try to change our minds, but we haven’t had great experience with people who were highly specialized in less practical skills.

Superb would be if you came with a good chunk of change. We’re hoping to eventually have thirteen units at about $150,000 each — about 1/3rd the market rate for a tiny cottage on a postage-stamp lot here — but getting to that is going to require a smaller number of people with greater resources. That’s not to say we’ll turn away people with wonderful skills and fewer resources, but the money to do this debt-free has to come from somewhere.

Next Steps

We would like to engage you in a “stepped commitment” process by which we can gain mutual trust and get to know each other over some period of time. We have multiple levels of involvement, starting with $50 for a share of our herd of dairy goats or our biodiesel production facility.

For more information, visit our website, or send us email, or give us a call (+1 250-653-2024) or even send us snail mail: EcoReality Co-op, 2152 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1Z7, Canada.

We hope to hear from you soon — before everything falls apart! 🙂


Karen and Mike Sliwa are two former high school teachers from Phoenix, Arizona who have decided to stop chasing a paycheck and start pursuing a durable set of living conditions. They are looking to work for room and board on homesteads and farms worldwide. The Sliwas are also willing to care-take and house-sit as needed. Their skills include basic construction and plumbing, gardening, milking, cheese making, animal care, and a variety of daily chores that come along with sustainable living practices. If you would like to know more about them please visit


Greetings fellow Doomers:

I’m pleased to be a part of this movement and glad for the collapse of the prevailing planet-destroying order. Future generations will undoubtedly look back at the late-industrial era and scratch their heads in total disbelief. So, on to the future …

I’ve been studying and practicing organic agriculture for three years: experimenting with an urban garden in Chicago, wwoofing at two small farms in Michigan, and also helping out at Strawbale Studio ( I am well-versed and skilled in sustainable design & construction, with 20+ years of experience in engineering, architecture, design and planning. In addition to concerns about health, ecology, and the food chain, my love of cooking inspires me to cultivate fresh veggies, herbs and berries near my kitchen, to share with all.

I am passionately interested in the re-localization of economies … agriculture, building, energy, manufacturing, textiles, medicine, journalism, and the arts … authentic creativity and craftsmanship that come only from a Zen-merging of mind, body and soul. The People need to preserve and safeguard these knowledge bases and critical skills. We must take such matters back into our own hands as some industries are too important to be left to the profit motive that extracts true wealth (natural capital, clean environment, labor hours, genuine relationships) from the local economy. Rebuilding culture and communities from the ground up will be the next primary concern and enterprise of humanity. I am seeking to work with like-minded people to recreate human-scaled economies and humane modes of existence on this gorgeous, finite planet that is our source of all sustenance.

My highest skills are in design+build … shelters, garden structures, furniture. So if you need affordable housing or a solar shower, a passive solar addition, chicken tractor … I am especially interested in helping in this regard. I’ve owned and run a small design/build company for 15 years and have strong business skills … web and graphic design, databases, marketing, cost estimating, project management. I gladly offer help in these areas if it would benefit your community.

Please drop by my website at to view samples of my craft, and see my resume at for complete info on my education and skills.

I am single, no children, pets, mortgage or leases. I am highly mobile and motivated, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Gregg Brazel