Recent Interviews

All recent interviews are shown beneath the short statement in bold type. Please read beyond the few introductory paragraphs.


I will not submit to interviews with amateurs without a contractual agreement. I offer my work freely, as a public service. Yet too frequently, recorded interviews disappear without notice. If you are not associated with a credible media organization, then the following information applies to you.

I will continue to trust credible media organizations despite the way I have been treated by some of their members. I no longer trust some self-proclaimed journalists, including Dennis Bernstein, Thom Hartmann, Dahr Jamail, Alex Smith, and David Wallace-Wells.

Each prospective interviewer must agree to the following:

  • Professional, non-defamatory behavior must be exhibited toward me during and after the interview.
  • Results of the interview will be maintained online indefinitely, barring electronic malfunction(s). If the interviewer would like to remove an interview, then s/he must send me an explanation in advance, in addition to a recording of the interview.
  • Violation of any of the above items will result in a fee of $500/hour payable to me upon my pointing out a violation of this agreement. Any disagreement with my interpretation of unprofessional or defamatory behavior must be brought up by an attorney representing the interviewer within 24 hours of my request for payment.

If you are not associated with a credible media organization, then please indicate that you are familiar with this information when you contact me. For example, the message containing your initial inquiry can include acknowledgment of the items listed above.


Broadcast Media:

18 September 2019 by Mitchell Rabin for his radio show, A Better World

3 September 2019 by Press TV’s We the People program. The resulting video aired on 7 September 2019 and is embedded below. I am featured in the portion of the program beginning at the 16-minute mark.

5 September 2019 by Adam Wadley for his Speaking Broadly radio show embedded below

24 August 2019 with Mikaël Le Mené from France. The resulting video is embedded below.

8 August 2019 Dr. Gary Null for his daily radio show on the Progressive Radio Network

29 July 2019 Marcello Rollando’s The Reasonable Voice

16 July 2019 AM Show, Auckland, New Zealand

2 June 2019 by Kat and Brian in Cleveland, Ohio. The resulting audio was poor on their end, and they could not upload the video. My partner Pauline worked magic on both issues. The audio still is not great. The result of our conversation is embedded below.

27 May 2019 by “Lord Hugh,” and the consequent video is embedded below

25 May 2019 I joined Dougie the Abolitionist at the 38:40 mark of the first hour of his Atlanta-based radio show, “Voices of Dissent” on WIGO AM 1570. The audio recording from our conversation is here. It will be archived here, eventually, also briefly.

15 May 2019 by Gary Rollinson of One Off Films for the second time in about a year. Video from our initial meeting was recorded 26 April 2018 in Berkeley, California, and was posted online more than a year later, on 2 May 2019.

3 May 2019 by Thom Hartmann in his Portland, Oregon studio. The result is embedded below.

22 April 2019 by Guy Meyers for the community television station in Marin County, California. The resulting video is embedded below.

22 April 2019 by Peter B. Collins for the community television station in Marin County, California

10 April 2019 with Kyle from the Library of Humanity YouTube channel. The resulting video interview is embedded below.

8 April 2019 with Scott Burton of KTOO radio in Juneau, Alaska

6 March 2019 with Carol Rosin of American Freedom Radio

3 March 2019 I was interviewed live by Paul Maginley and Brian Weinstein of the Reality Report at YouTube’s Head in the Box channel. The video is embedded below.

25 February 2019 with Josef Lauber. The resulting video is embedded below.

22 February 2019 with The Natural Progressive. The resulting video is embedded below.

27 January 2019 conversation with psychologist Peter Miller focused on factors well beyond abrupt climate change. The resulting video is embedded below.

23 January 2019 I was interviewed for the third time by Lonnie Clark of Eugene, Oregon for her Age of Fission podcast. Previous podcasts with her aired on 19 December 2017 and 22 January 2018. The resulting audio file from our latest conversation is archived here. The YouTube version is embedded below.

14 January 2019 by Marcello Rollando of The Reasonable Voices

16 January 2019 with Carol Rosin of American Freedom Radio

27 December 2018 with Mona Radler of Revolution Radio in Asheville, North Carolina. Resulting audio file is linked below.

8 December 2018 I was interviewed by Daniel Geery and Sheri Quinn-Gibbs. The resulting audio is described here. The audio result is linked below for your copy-and-paste pleasure.

18 December 2018 Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network

5 December 2018 Luke Canada, video embedded below

1 December 2018 conversation with Peter Miller is embedded below. Please note: I erred when staying Einstein worked at the U.S. Patent Office. He actually worked for the Swiss Patent Office in Bern.

18 November 2018 with Peter Miller video embedded below

3 November 2018 by Devon Bowers of the Hampton Institute’s A Different Lens, audio embedded here

1 November 2018 by Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network, the 2018 Environment Report, video embedded below

Late October 2018 by Helen Buyniski of the Progressive Radio Network. The resulting article focused on Wikipedia, and not in a positive manner. It was released shortly after I was interviewed, and more recently at Medium.

30 October 2018 by Heather Warburton for New Jersey Revolution Radio, audio is described and embedded here

28 October 2018 by Jamarl Thomas for his YouTube channel, video embedded below

25 October 2018 by Brian Weinstein and Paul Maginley of The Reality Report, video embedded below

23 October 2018 by Glen Ayers for the Enviro Show archived here

21 October 2018 with psychologist Peter Miller, video embedded below. Miller wrote about our conversation on 26 October 2018.


Print Media:

26 December 2018 by Anson Nash, embedded here

Late October 2018 Rajani Kanth on imminent human extinction

7 August 2018 by Bloomberg News correspondent Christopher Flavelle regarding policy approaches to climate change