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Many of you have demonstrated your support for my work with your generous contributions. Clearly I am writing for a concerned and aware citizenry. I very much appreciate your support. I have nothing else to request from donors who faithfully support this site. I do ask that others join them.

I promote and practice an economy based on gifts. Humans exchanged gifts for nearly three million years before bartering and exchanging currency. I speak and write for no charge, although I accept gifts of fiat currency here. You may donate via PayPal simply by using the subscription button below or by using my email address: If we are friends, please use the “friends and family” option offered by PayPal to minimize PayPal’s cut.

My goal is donors who are sufficiently generous to provide an monthly income of $2,000. This modest base will allow me to continue my work. Thus far, 36 donors are contributing a total of $410 monthly. These figures are updated as they change.

I am receptive to non-monetary donations, too, subject only to your creativity. For example, I would appreciate your generosity with respect to frequent-flyer miles. If you prefer to use Bitcoin, the relevant BTC address is 1AvSFP96HeQa1MC5tvzkrdiAxDR3uH658M

Please bear in mind that I do not charge for any of my work. Also, please read all the way to the bottom of this page.

This request for donations has produced the expected, negative response from several people who disparage me and my work. As usual, they appear to fit the customary demographic: relatively wealthy, Caucasian men who love industrial civilization and the privilege it brings them.

In addition to the options listed below, one-time donations can be made via PayPal to my email address,