I’m re-posting below an essay, verbatim, from 29 August 2009. Consistent with my usual recent pattern, I’m adding a few introductory words and an embedded song.

Big thanks to Scott Andrews for creating a short video clip based on my work. It’s embedded below.

The Climate Crisis Is Now

I have been playing around with video editing. Here is a short clip I made about abrupt climate change.

Posted by Scott Andrews on Friday, April 8, 2016

I was interviewed for Reasonable Voices radio on Monday, 4 April 2016. Description and podcast are available here.

“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.”

~ Stanisław Lem


August 2009 was a long time ago. I’d left active service at the university only three months earlier. I was enthusiastic beyond measure with my new life on the homestead I was creating. Filled with the excitement of youth and the attendant naivety, I could work all day with barely a break.

I wasn’t spending much time online. I wasn’t writing many journal articles, essays, or books. Distractions were few and minor. My focus was targeted at a future filled with adventure.

I knew few people in the area when I posted this essay in 2009. I know the neighbors now. I’m firmly ensconced within a decent and loving human community. Indeed, I’ve never met such fine people. I’d gladly die with them. It seems I will.


Whack! The soil, such as it is, gives way to my mattock.

What if I’m right? What if the industrial age comes to its overdue close, taking the love of my life with it? What if she’s stuck in Tucson, unwilling or unable to escape when the taps run dry at the gas stations and, more importantly, in her rental house?

Whack! Twenty more blows, and I’ve got a row of soil — scientists would call it “unsorted alluvium” — loosened and ready for my long-handled shovel. Eight feet wide and six inches deep, it’s more cobble than soil, with occasional thin layers of gravel, clay, and easy-digging sand.

It’s got to end some time, even if it’s a few years off. The next case of $120 oil, assuming we get there before the industrial economy falls into the abyss, will be brutal for an already over-stretched American consumer. Banks are falling like dominoes on a mule cart over the bumpy terrain of declining energy supplies. When will the lights go out? When will I lose all communication with my brother, sister, and parents?

Whack! Fifty more rows give way. I take a break to gulp water and breathe the country air. I hear the cackle of a chicken as she brags about laying an egg. The ducks laugh, at her and me. They always laugh, the perfect audience for my twisted sense of humor.

My dad spent his early years in a house without running water or electricity, and it looks like he’ll survive long enough to see the circle complete itself. When he was a kid, his mother declared she’d had enough of the uncivilized life. She was leaving, that very day. She wondered if anybody was going with her. They all went, of course, her husband and their pack of kids. My dad met my mom in college and they dated twice before deciding to get married. They were mere children when they had three children. Fifty-some years later, they’re still in good shape, as sharp as ever. Life-long educators, they instilled in me the work ethic and curiosity that saved me from the oppression of ending up as poor as they were, when they were raising three youngsters in a backwoods, redneck logging town nearly two hours’ drive from the nearest real grocery store.

Whack! The mattock bounces off a massive rock. I scratch and claw through leather gloves pocked with holes, finally tossing it onto a small pile of cobble I’ve remembered to create beside the large mounds of soil mixed with gravel and cobble.

I was a year ahead of my sister in school, and we attended the same high schools and then the same college. We’ve always been close, and our weekend talks on the telephone remind me of the many late-night conversations that led to our similar life paths and offbeat philosophies. During an intramural flag-football game, my brother and I went out of our way to beat up on her college-freshman boyfriend, for no apparent reason except familial protection. Later, she found it funny. At the time, not so much.

Whack! I’m too old for the empire to fall. My bruised and battered body hasn’t taken this kind of physical punishment since two-a-day football practices in high school.

I played cornerback behind my brother’s defensive end every game of my sophomore season in high school. We taunted the opposing quarterback to run the ball our way. He rarely did. On the offensive side of the ball, I still remember the two passes I threw to my brother during his senior season. I never expected to relieve the star quarterback during the regular season, but he hit a rough spot so I played a single series. I called my brother’s number, of course. And I drilled him between the numbers, only to see him drop the ball. So I called his number again, and this time he made the catch and the first down. We’re still close, and we share the academic life, albeit in disparate institutions.

Whack! I’ve developed four rows of calluses on my hands. I can hardly bend my fingers each morning after a pained-wracked night of little sleep.

What if I’m wrong? It’s happened a few thousand times before. What if I quit my easy, over-paid job only to see the empire last another decade? I can’t bear the thought of missing out on daily interactions with students for ten years. And what if we keep killing every species and culture on the planet, and I have to read the news every day for a decade? I can’t bear that thought, either. What if we keep the industrial machine running long enough to destroy habitat for humans within a generation, as it seems we will? Surely the southwestern desert will be among the most miserable locations to face the demise of our species. What if I continue to see my wife of more than a quarter century only a couple days each month? Is that any way to keep a marriage alive?

Whack! My back aches, as it has for months. My imperialist doctor says I shouldn’t work so hard. But this is my job now, preparing for our post-carbon future. Or maybe it’s just my future, sans spouse.

Another couple years would be great, from a personal perspective, but can the living planet handle it? Every day brings us closer to the edge of ecological collapse and runaway greenhouse. Here at the mud hut, we could use the time to figure out the garden and the goats. Not to mention seeing our families another time or two.

Am I that selfish? Am I willing to forgo habitat for all future human beings on the planet just so I can grow some potatoes?

Of course I am. I’m Homo industrialis, after all. I care about me, here, now. Hell with tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come. And potatoes are damned good, as any Idahoan knows. I’m pretty certain the existential angst isn’t worth living through, anyway, for any thoughtful person. And why should I care about the thoughtless ones?

Whack! My arms and legs burn with every swing of the mattock. A sandhill crane, one of the first to arrive this year, trumpets in the distance. Although biologists don’t know why they’ve been arriving earlier every year, I’m betting they’re not bringing good news on the climate-change front.

I shouldn’t have sold our house in the suburbs, much less quit my easy job to prepare. My wife loved that house, and our life. I should have stuck it out with her, keeping my mouth shut and playing field biologist instead of social critic. Then, at least, we could die together. And she’d have been happy during these last four years. Me, too, at least compared to the emotional rollercoaster I’ve experienced as a result of the pain I’ve caused her.

Whack! Sweat saturates my clothing and even my gloves, staining my hands yellow. I can barely see through my sunglasses, the lenses filled with sweat pouring from my forehead. Not that this job requires any more visibility than brains.

I’m just not cut out for post-carbon living. I’m a career academic. What ever made me think I could live close to the land? It’s fine in theory. But in practice it’s a pain in the … well, every part of my body, which clearly is not too big to fail. Never mind the paucity of friends in my new community, most notably including my best friend for the last 28 years. I simply have neither the body nor the intellect to thrive here.

Whack! Best I keep whacking away. Thinking too much never did anybody any good. And where’d this self-indulgent crap come from, anyway? Onward, upward, through the self-induced fog.

Schopenhauer’s question continues to haunt: How to get through a life not worth living? Make it worth living? That hardly seems an option at this point, given the lose-lose scenario I’ve managed to create for myself, and her. Take the Hemingway out? That certainly wouldn’t help her. Not that I’d notice or, once I’ve left the planetary station, care.

Whack! Ah, self-indulgence. I’ll bet there was damned little of it before the age of fossil fools. I can’t imagine people, tribes, or societies would tolerate the self-absorption rampant in contemporary industrial humans.

A life of service was my answer when I served the empire. It was the answer inspired by the example of my parents, and followed by my siblings. It is the answer of my mentors and colleagues. It was easy to find, and apply, in my ivory-tower life. Whether I find it here, in time, remains to be seen.

Whack! A hundred rows or so, and the garden bed finally is hollowed out, ready for the hardware-cloth “basket” that lines the bottom and sides of the bed to protect the future garden from the present pocket gophers.

How will I serve this community? It’s filled with doomers, many of whom have been growing their own food and organizing their lives around imperial collapse for decades. How do I fit? Or do I?

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  • yup, instant hernia.

  • what! you played cornerback and quarterback! i’m calling bullshit!

  • The main difference between the me of 6 years ago and now is that now when I begin to get angry about something or someone, I realize just how silly that is, we are so insignificant.
    Did the last dinosaur cry?

  • now, when i get angry, i cry and laugh at the same time…and then i find a new way to punish myself.

  • Guy did indeed play cornerback and quarterback, while I (the aforementioned brother) played tight end and defensive end. He was a point guard, I was a forward/center. We both played multiple positions, including pitcher, in baseball. Small school.

  • @Doctor Guy McPherson

    ” I’m firmly ensconced within a decent and loving human community. Indeed, I’ve never met such fine people.”

    I love to hear that!


    ” Did the last dinosaur cry?”

    That’s hard to tell, the dinosaurs are gone. But human beings cry. And even sea lions cry (like many other animals):

    Can you FEEL IT?

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #132

    Non-venomous snake,
    tail broken, strikes open hand
    til helped to safety.

  • Guy:

    U are one of those individuals that cannot stray from doing what your conscience is telling you to do that’s worthy. I differ because I recognize the better path but will not take the effort to do it.

    I salute you in a thousands ways young (doesn’t matter any more, if it ever did) man. You have lived an exemplary life of courage and clear thinking with great humor.

    The greatest individuals in history have never made any real progress against the cruelty that most humans cannot resist.

    Carry on with WHACKING!! You are far better for it. I wish I had had the gumption… I certainly had the privileged white opportunity.

    You and your brother’s football days remind me that the Georgia Bulldogs Spring game is only 4 days away and I’ll be there thinking of you fellows.

  • Great post.

    I was with you every whack! (as I re-lived my first summer in the land of the midnight sun, circa 1968, when I ran away from the homeland).

    It was a strange year, very warm, and the whacking paid off with good crops.

    The soil there was pillow soft, deep, and black with richness.

    I was feeling the 1968 Bern I suppose (The Ways of Bernays – 2).

  • Does credibility matter ? We put our trust in the “Scientists” who are studying Climate Change to give accurate information about our situation. Many of us do not have the technical ability to study this for ourselves and rely on you to give us the best information that is available. When you make an honest mistake and correct that mistake as soon as you reasonably can , that is what is expected. If a “Scientist” deliberately misleads the Public and we find out about it , don’t we have the right to call them out on it? It seems that there are some who embellish their story or their credentials or their biography to make themselves appear to be something they are not . They apparently do this to further their own prestige or bank accounts. It seems to me that Science has not done anything to weed out the Charlatans who prey on the peoples fear just to make a buck.
    Guy, I believe you are very credible . I have investigated your data that you submit in your presentations and I can tell that you are very knowledgeable and passionate about this NTE. I hope you continue and you succeed in helping as many people as possible. But I have also investigated others and the result is not nearly as good as yours. I will not name names. It may be a good idea to distance yourself from the Charlatans and call them out as often as possible to avoid your work being tainted by their stupidity.

  • You’re not the only one who underestimated the resilience(?)of the status quo. But guessing time-frames is always slippery stuff. And the mud hut will likely still be useful as things progress. Maybe having time to get to know your neighbors before it really comes unglued is a good thing. Being out in front of events can be a lonely position, but somebody has to do it.

  • Polar researchers thought their models were broken when they first saw

    the results.

    Almost 12% of Greenland’s ice sheet was melting on Monday

    , according to data crunched by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

    It beat by almost a month the previous record for a melt of more than 10%, on 5 May 2010.

    “We had to check that our models were still working properly,” Peter Langen, climate scientist at DMI, told blog Polar Portal.

    Temperature readings on the ice were in line with the numbers, however, exceeding 10C in some places.

    Even a weather station 1840 metres above sea level recorded a maximum of 3.1C, which data analysts said would be warm for July, let alone April.

    Greenland’s usual melt season runs from early June to September. “Too much. Too early,” tweeted the World Meteorological Organisation.

  • Lake Mead Update –

    Lake level 1078.8 – 1st set of restrictions kick in at 1075.

    Last time lake was this low August 2015, and before that in the 1930s when it was being filled.

  • I have for the last two or three years been keeping an eye on the available data for Sea Surface Temp. Anomalies, Gulf Stream flow rates and any other data that allows me to see for myself what is occurring (and I’ve yet to see any data that contradicts what Doc McPherson, Paul Beckwith, and others are seeing. And they are occurring rapidly….

    Gulf Stream flows during the past year to two have gone from what was considered the norm, flowing as far as the UK, but within the last year or two is now blocked by a rapidly growing “North Atlantic Blob” Greenland Meltwater (less saline). SSTA maps also show what appears to be another rapidly growing area of cooler melt water south of the Bering Strait, at least to my semi-trained eye.

    I thought that perhaps Guy’s Post today might instead be a reference to the story of the Old Farmer and the Mule who has to whack the mule just to get its attention. I’m relatively sure that the folks at The Weather Channel would like to be able to pick up the 2×4 and give the public a Whack, but just can’t get permission…yet.

  • “We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. – J Robert Oppenheimer.

  • “…the story of the Old Farmer and the Mule who has to whack the mule just to get its attention.”

    Or, perhaps, the following…

    A farmer and his wife hitch their mule up to the buckboard to take their just harvested crops to market in town, about 6 miles away. They proceed down the lane, as expected, for about a mile when, for no apparent reason, the mule stops and refuses to move regardless of the farmer’s manipulation of the reins.

    The farmer says, “That’s one.” His wife, sitting beside him, gives him an astonished look but says nothing. After about 20 minutes, the mule decides to start walking again in the direction of town. However, after little more than another mile, the mule stops again and won’t budge.

    The farmer says, “That’s two.” The wife gives him an even more astonished look and a quiet snort but, again, says nothing. This time, it’s more than an hour before the mule starts moving, once more, toward town. Alas, after just one more mile, the mule halts in its tracks and ignores the farmer’s reins.

    The farmer says, “That’s three.” He then grabs his rifle from behind the seat and shoots the mule in the head, killing it.

    The wife starts screeching, “What HAVE you done? How are we going to get to market, or back home, NOW? What is WRONG with you?” The farmer replaces his rifle behind the seat, stares straight ahead and says, “That’s one.

  • Guy
    best thing I read in a while.
    let me know what happens.

    incontinence – still water runs deep
    written by i.p. nightly


  • Looks like arctic sea ice data is temporarily suspended due to F-17 malfunction. I hope we can get data from another source. And soon!


  • ” Abandon all hope — Ye Who Enter Here.”

    – Dante Alighieri

    The socalled Panama Papers once again show, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for the shit we are in. Most people on Earth are fuckin poor, while a global, ignorant, suicidal global MINORITY is fuckin up humankind and Mother Earth. Illegal arms trades, black money for illegal actions of secret services, backhanders, financing of international terrorism, trading of children for sexual abuse, tax evation ect ect ect. THESE are the people, who are RESPONSIBLE. These kind of people exploit the planet, exploit humankind, lied and missinformed about anthropogenic climate change willingly for decades, like ExxonMobil ect ect. These people are willing to exploit the planet and humankind ever more, they will never stop, they are willing to kill the whole planet, to beware their power and their funny money until the bitter end. Hell yeah, I know, it’s fuckin OLD news.

    Have a nice trip. Fuck the Empire.


  • Good read, Guy! Thank you for bringing so much to my life. You and the people here are like a second home to me. I can’t imagine a life without NBL and the people here. Also, all the links and interesting videos have made the days much richer for me. Thanks to you all!

    I know that I can be an ass. A lifetime among humans has resulted in some inappropriate coping mechanisms on my part and I apologize for lashing out here.

    Two things, Guy…

    One, you’re clean! I feel that thriving within the system makes one dirty on the inside.

    Two, you’re free! Free of the institutionalized life. You escaped the ‘old folks home, in the college’.

    You should hold your head up high, in a humble sort of way and celebrate who you are and what you have contributed.

    As for the Mud Hut…BRILLIANT! When collapse comes, You’ll not only be out of the city, but in an area the hoard will find out of bounds for several reasons.

    Keep up the great work. You are consistent and truthful. That’s a gift from you to all of us.

  • Given that there is no hope for humanity, it is ridiculous to try and sustain the unsustainable. All the behaviour asked of the 99% who own relatively ‘fuck all’ ; recycling, stopping using cars, cut down on paper usage, move to a solar powered off grid home etc etc is ineffectual. It might prolong the current paradigm for a tiny bit longer, but the effect is minimal. Rather than promoting conservation , conservationists should be promoting ‘same old behaviour’ because if the conservationists really understood the situation, they’d appreciate that it is merciful to bring the end quickly rather than flail around in vain pathetic attempts. It is like fucking for virginity. I believe you’ll see in the next few years more money and power going behind environmentalist ‘conservationist’ pleas. Because people (very rich or very poor and all the in between) are afraid of what they see coming, so they want to cling to the lifestyles they know, and they think trimming the edges is worth the small sacrifices to their lifestyles of comfort because the alternative seems so fearful; a return to pre-industrial revolution life. Simply put ; fear and greed drive human beings. This drive created the uncivilisation of the now. Conserving what is unconservable , trying to sustain the unsustainable is an understandable fear driven response to facts that are indisputable. True bravery in the context of global society today is to reject all the environmentalist calls for conservation and sustainability and do what we’ve always done. The only difference is that we’re doing it from a position of awareness rather than blind ignorance. So I can live with myself with no qualms driving my hummer (metaphor here, I don’t drive a car) and being reckless with electricity, keeping the lights on, because it is kinder to shoot the flailing horse in the brain than watch it flail around and die in slow spasms of anguish.

  • Adrian- I will say I go back and forth between your philosophy and feeling like I should be living in a completely different way. I suppose if it weren’t for all the suffering species (including humans, but I mostly mean non-human) I would be much more on board with your thinking. For instance, consuming more- such as using even more plastic- in order to speed up our own demise through pollution will inevitably result in worse conditions for other life forms in the near-term. And probably long-term as well. So isn’t the best course of action to figure out how humans can go extinct with the LEAST impact on other life rather than the MOST? Isn’t your (our?) approach just an excuse to continue living unconsciously? Believe me, I’m constantly looking for ways to justify my lifestyle but I have yet to truly be convinced.

  • The last two radio shows were highly entertaining. Neither guest (Helen or Steve) has a clue what’s going on, but Mike and Guy treated them with utmost respect and professionalism. No preaching, arguing, trying to enlighten them, nothing of that sort. Helen is a world authority on Fukushima, Steve is a rising young psychologist with a book coming out, both living in the world that used to be.

  • We put our trust in the “Scientists” and what we are going to get is total chaos and crop failures.

    The principal events of the 1973 film The Wicker Man describe the failure of Summerisle’s crops, and how the pagan inhabitants lure an outsider from the remote mainland under false pretences to be sacrificed to their pagan gods in a giant wicker man, in the hope that the crops will prosper once again.

    If humans again fully embraced paganism, maybe the pagan gods would heal the Earth. Worth a try?

  • Just listened to the Steve Ilardi interview on the NBL podcast. Best show. Mike sounds like a seasoned pro. The discussion reminded me of the book “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky.

    Here is a Doc based on the book.

    And Sapolskys informative lecture on depression.

  • I remember reading this essay in the ‘Going Dark’ book.

  • Not so much a reply, but a request…. Frequently (ever more frequently, it seems) we see reports that say: “it’s happening quicker than we expected, or “this is worse than the models predicted,” or words to that effect.

    Is anyone aware of any recent authoritative report that says the opposite? That’s to say: “this is actually happening more slowly than expected,” or the like. If so, please will you post a reference or two here?

    This is a genuine request for information, not seeking fuel for denialist propaganda.

  • IMHO, the wave of stress induced mental illness sweeping the country isn’t because we made some mistake — it has been by design!

    Public ed turns students into robot consumers always watched — always under guard.

    University turns students into drooling *victims* surprizingly ignorant of things like history or english or physics.

    98% of the pop has contrary values crammed down their throat — ignorance and depravity are celebrated like virtues — it is truly Idiocracy in action.

    The populace stumbles around dazed and confused, while TPTB run roughshod over the earth with little resistance — I mean who has time for millions of murdered brown folk when we must decide whether men be allowed in women’s bathrooms.

  • Amos Wilson: “The well-adjusted patient comes out of therapy a rebel or a revolutionary.” PsychoTherapy for Region 6
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2C_n95BhjY )

    and even better:
    Franz Fanon: “Kill your Colonizer” – literally or figuratively
    ref: Wretched of the Earth ; Black Skin White Masks
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgG81cOZsGY )
    Understand the rules of engagement. You did not create them.

    Meaning you may also need to figure out who your colonizer is:
    Alfred Memmi – Colonizer and Colonized

    Apologies for the length here, but offered in the hopes that it may be of some value to someone somewhere:

    “Perhaps more accurately, it should be said that the sense of despair at issue evidences itself not so much in the ranks of the Men’s Movement and related phenomena themselves, but
    within the milieu from which these manifestations have arisen: white, mostly urban, affluent or affluently reared, well-schooled, young (or youngish) people of both genders who, in one or another dimension, are thoroughly dis-eased by the socioeconomic order into which they were born and their seemingly predestined roles within it.47 Many of
    them openly seek, some through serious attempts at political resistance, a viable option with which they may not only alter their own individual fates, but transform the overall systemic realities they correctly perceive as having generated these fates in the first
    place.48 As a whole, they seem sincerely baffled by the prospect of having to define for themselves the central aspect of this alternative.

    They cannot put a name to it, and so they perpetually spin their wheels, waging continuous theoretical and sometimes practical battles against each “hierarchical” and “patriarchal” fragment of the whole they oppose: capitalism and fascism, colonialism, neocolonialism and imperialism, racism and sexism, ageism, consumerism, the entire vast plethora of “isms” and “ologies” making up the “modern” (or “postmodern”) society they inhabit.49 Frustrated and stymied in their efforts to come up with a new or different conceptualization by which to guide their oppositional project, many of the most alienated —and therefore most committed to achieving fundamental social change—eventually opt for the intellectual/emotional reassurance of prepackaged “radical solutions.” Typically, these assume the form of yet another battery of “isms” based in all the same core assumptions as the system being opposed. This is especially true of that galaxy of doctrinal tendencies falling within the general rubric of “marxism”—Bernsteinian revisionism, council communism, marxism-leninism, stalinism, maoism, etc.—but it is also an actuality pervading most variants of feminism, environmentalism, and anarchism/anti-authoritarianism as well…

    “You must understand,” I stated each time the question arose, “that I really mean it when I say we are all related. Consequently, I see the mechanisms of our oppression as being equally interrelated. Given this perspective, I cannot help but see a victory for you as being simultaneously a victory for American Indians, and vice versa; that a weakening of your enemy here in Germany necessarily weakens ours there, in North America; that your liberation is inseparably linked to our own, and that you should see ours as advancing yours. Perhaps, then, the question should be reversed: what is it that we can best do to help you succeed?”…

    After every presentation, I was forced to take strong exception to such notions. “As longterm participants in the national liberation struggle of American Indians,” I said, “we have been forced into knowing the nature of colonialism very well. Along with you, we understand that the colonization we experience finds its origin in the matrix of European culture. But, apparently unlike you, we also understand that in order for Europe to do what it has done to us—in fact, for Europe to become ‘Europe’ at all—it first had to do the same thing to all of you. In other words, to become a colonizing culture, Europe had first to colonize itself. To the extent that this is true, I find it fair to say that if our struggle must be explicitly anticolonial in its form, content and aspirations, yours must be even more so. You have, after all, been colonized far longer than we, and therefore much more completely. In fact, your colonization has by now been consolidated to such an extent that—with certain notable exceptions, like the Irish and Euskadi (Basque) nationalists—you no longer even see yourselves as having been colonized. The result is that you’ve become self-colonizing, conditioned to be so self-identified with your own oppression that you’ve lost your ability to see it for what it is, much less to resist it in any coherent way.

    “You seem to feel that you are either completely disconnected from your own heritage of having been conquered and colonized, or that you can and should disconnect yourselves from it as a means of destroying that which oppresses you. I believe, on the other hand, that your internalization of this self-hating outlook is exactly what your oppressors want most to see you do. Such a posture on your part simply perfects and completes the structure of your domination. It is inherently self-defeating because in denying yourselves the meaning of your own history and traditions, you leave yourselves with neither an established point of departure from which to launch your own struggle for liberation, nor any set of goals and objectives to guide that struggle other than abstractions. You are thereby left effectively anchorless and rudderless, adrift on a stormy sea. You have lost your maps and compass, so you have no idea where you are or where to turn for help. Worst of all, you sense that the ship on which you find yourselves trapped is rapidly sinking. I can imagine no more terrifying situation to be in, and, as relatives, we would like to throw you a life preserver.

    “So here it is,” I went on. “It takes the form of an insight offered by our elders: To understand where you are are, you must know where you’ve been, and you must know where you are to understand where you are going.’ For Indians, you see, the past, present and future are all equally important parts of the same indivisible whole. And I believe this is as true for you as it is for us. In other words, you must set yourselves to reclaiming your own indigenous past. You must come to know it in its own terms—the terms of its internal values and understandings, and the way these were applied to living in this world—not the terms imposed upon it by the order which set out to destroy it. You must learn to put your knowledge of this heritage to use as a lens through which you can clarify your present circumstance, to ‘know where you are,’ so to speak. And, from this, you can begin to chart the course of your struggle into the future. Put still another way, you, no less than we, must forge the conceptual tools that will allow you to carefully and consciously orient your struggle to regaining what it is that has been taken from you rather than presuming a unique ability to invent it all anew. You must begin with the decolonization of your own minds, with a restoration of your understanding of who you are, where you come from, what it is that has been done to you to take you to the place in which you now find yourselves. Then, and only then, it seems to us, will you be able to free yourselves from your present dilemma.


  • Biodiversity loss: An existential risk comparable to climate change


  • This in response to Adrian and babajingo :

    Adrian said – ‘Rather than promoting conservation , conservationists should be promoting ‘same old behaviour’ …..

    Many people believe that we can’t stop what is happening by our individual behavior (as I do). One person can’t make a difference,etc.

    If one believes that ,then they would also ,by default, logically believe that one person can’t speed things up by their individual behavior. More flying, more plastic,more consumption will not bring it down any faster.

    So what we are left with is “How do I want to treat the planet,myself and the rest of life today?”

    People generally seem to have little problem with the idea of being kind in ways that don’t change the ultimate outcome when it comes to other people.

    For instance saying a kind word often “makes someone’s day’ but it probably doesn’t change their life. Helping an old man across the street might keep him safe in the moment but it doesn’t make him less old. Giving someone on the street corner 5 dollars might buy them dinner but it won’t solve their bigger issues.We know these things are not cures but they feel right.

    It seems to me that we should look at how we treat the planet they same way. Not so much about final outcomes but about what is the right thing to do now.

  • The Largest Coral Atoll In The World Lost 80 Percent Of Its Coral To Bleaching

    “Their estimate is, as of early April, about 80 percent of the coral colonies at Kiritimati are now dead, and another 15 percent are severely bleached and likely to die. It’s as if someone decided to cut down 90 percent of the Redwood Forest. Overnight, an entire ecosystem has essentially blinked out of existence.”


    Blinked out of existence.

  • @Wester

    ” You must begin with the decolonization of your own minds, with a restoration of your understanding of who you are, where you come from, what it is that has been done to you to take you to the place in which you now find yourselves. Then, and only then, it seems to us, will you be able to free yourselves from your present dilemma.”

    Excellent. After all, it’s not a recipe for the masses, but a recipe for the In- dividual. To be an In- dividual means to be solitude within. We are all solitude within, there is no escape from solitude within. I like that 8-)

    There is no escape from yourself, neither in life, nor in death.

    YOU are the conscious Universe, ever living, ever dying. Some say, life is a dream, some say life is real. Others say, life is nothing at all. You decide and you have to live and to die with your decisions. There is no escape from yourself. Your- Self? What Self? The Self you refer to, when you say “I am hungry”, “I am thirsty”, “I want to breathe”, “I want to do this”, “I don’t want to do that”, “I think so and so”, “I don’t think so and so”, “I feel pain”, “I feel joy” ect ect ect.

    You decide, who you are and who you are not. If you don’t decide your own direction, you are lost. Only you can set yourself free, nobody else can. I like that :-)

    Infinity is finity, finity is infinity. The seed is the fruit and the fruit is the seed again. Blossom and wither are one. Remember who you really are. Try to get in real Balance. Dive deep into yourself, into your sleep, into you deepsleep, into your dreams, into your childhood, into your inner darkness, into your eternal home and you will find yourself right where you are now. NOW- that’s all you will ever have. This Now is infinite small and infinite big, infinite good and infinite evil, infinite joyful and infinite painful. This Now is past and future, life and death, light and darkness. It is religion and non-religion, science and non-science. This Now is always changing, this Now is never changing. It is born and unborn, blossom and wither always at the same time.

    You can never escape the Universe, because you are the conscious Universe, a Universe in a Multiverse of other beings. Everything is interconnected- whatever you do, will come back to you, if today, tomorrow, in ten years, in a million years or if now, makes no difference. After all, now is all you have.

    „ The price for freedom is Death.“

    Malcolm X

  • Doomy Haiku By A Master

    Dewdrops, let me cleanse
    in your brief sweet waters…
    these dark hands of life.

  • Arctic events are a warning for current civilization (The Extinction of Robust Sea Ports – 4).

  • The Water

  • Oops that was the playlist, here’s “The Water” video:

    We still have time to make a change for someone in need.
    We are all in for a thirsty future, but people are thirsty now, and
    giving is a way to live excellently. And it feels good.

  • ” We still have time to make a change for someone in need.
    We are all in for a thirsty future, but people are thirsty now, and giving is a way to live excellently. And it feels good.”

    So true. Thank you.

    ” The Water is silent

    The fish in the water is silent,

    the animals on the earth is noisy,

    the bird in the air is singing.

    But man has in him the silence of the sea,

    the noise of the earth

    and the music of the air.

    The meaning of our self

    is not to be found in its separateness from God and others,

    but in the ceaseless realisation of yoga,

    of union.

    The newer people,

    of this modern age,

    are more eager to amass than

    to realize.”

    – Rabindranath Tagore


    If anyone does not like the term “god” (for good reasons, haha), fill in whatever you like, after all, it’s just a word. For me, it’s just a word for something/somebody that can’t be translated into words anyway. In that sense, “god” is just a word for the Unspeakable within yourself and all around you.

  • Thanks for the Mule story Colin, rings a bell. As a species I’d venture a guess that we’re somewhere between the 2nd rounds impact and the 3rd being chambered…

    Back at the Earth.Nullschool site it certainly appears on the Gulf Stream side, that the trend is for the Gulf Stream heat now pooling increasingly off the US East Coast. If my thinking is correct here, then Florida’s King Tides should be quite interesting… SSTA’s off the South American West Coast seem to show a rapid cooling and probable reversal of the El Nino to a La Nina condition.

  • Darwin wrote that a breeding pair of birds needs to produce seven clutches of four eggs each in order to reproduce another breeding pair in order to maintain a steady population.

    High mortality rates are the norm in nature.

    Either we reduce our rate of reproduction by living up to our name —sapiens—or nature will do it for us.

  • Denise,that gem of a haiku from Basho you offered is reason enough to keep reading this blog. Just exquisite! Thank you.

  • Bob S, your quote about censorship & authority by Oppy is a true classic.

    Although I knew a great deal about Oppy, I didn’t know that one.


  • Real Estate
    | Homes

    Where Prices Start at $115 Million: Bel Air’s Trophy Home Boom

    In Los Angeles, price tags for ultra high-end homes—many of them speculatively built—are topping the $100 million mark. Is the big ticket just a gimmick?

    Candace Jackson

    Oct. 29, 2015 9:49 a.m. ET

    In a new development of three spec homes in the tony Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air, one property will have a 15,000-square-foot guesthouse. Another home has plans that call for a “Champagne room,” a chilled, glass rotunda with walls filled with bubbling liquid. A third home will have a 2,100-square-foot spa with separate steam and massage rooms.

    The only thing missing: a crowd of buyers who can afford to live in them. The Park Bel Air, the 11-acre development currently under construction, has asking prices that…

  • Whack, indeed:


    Think sea level rise will be moderate and something we can all plan for? Think again.

    Sea levels could rise by much more than originally anticipated, and much faster, according to new data being collected by scientists studying the melting West Antarctic ice sheet – a massive sheet the size of Mexico.

    That revelation was made by an official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday at the annual RIMS conference for risk management and insurance professionals in San Diego, Calif.

    The conference is being attended by more than 10,000 people, according to organizers. It was day No. 3 of the conference, which ends Wednesday.

    Margaret Davidson, NOAA’s senior advisor for coastal inundation and resilience science and services, and Michael Angelina, executive director of the Academy of Risk Management and Insurance, offered their take on climate change data in a conference session titled “Environmental Intelligence: Quantifying the Risks of Climate Change.”

    Davidson said recent data that has been collected but has yet to be made official indicates sea levels could rise by roughly 3 meters or 9 feet by 2050-2060, far higher and quicker than current projections. Until now most projections have warned of seal level rise of up to 4 feet by 2100.

    These new findings will likely be released in the latest sets of reports on climate change due out in the next few years.

    “The latest field data out of West Antarctic is kind of an OMG thing,” she said.

    Davidson’s purpose was to talk about how NOAA is sharing information with the insurance community and the public, and to explain how data on climate change is being collected.

    She explained that reports like those from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Climate Assessment, which come out roughly every five years, are going on old data.

    By the time the scientists compiling those reports get the data it’s roughly two years old, because it took those gathering the data that long to collect it. It takes authors of the reports a few years to compile them.

    “By the time we get out the report, it’s actually synthesizing data from about a decade ago,” she said.

    Angelina’s focus was also on the data. He spoke about the ongoing development of the Actuaries Climate Index and the Actuaries Climate Risk Index.

    The goals of the projects are to create climate change indices that reflect an actuarial perspective, to create an index that measures changes in climate extremes, use indices to inform the insurance industry and the public, and promote the actuarial profession by contributing statistically to the climate change debate.

    So far their findings show the climate is definitely changing – though neither Davidson nor Angelina addressed the cause of this change, which they said was not the purpose of their talk.

    Angelina said a new way of looking at weather is required when dealing with climate change, and that just looking at averages isn’t enough to give an accurate picture of climate change and the risk it presents.

    The projects he’s involved with have instead looked at weather extremes.

    “By looking at extremes I can actually acknowledge that I have a problem,” he said.

    He used the notorious Bell Curve grading system to illustrate his point.

    The goal of the curve is to achieve a 70 percent average among students. But if a teacher got to that 70 percent figure by having half the students failing poorly and half doing excellently, there’s a problem: half of the students aren’t getting it.

    Looking at extreme temperature indices from more than 40 years ago and now, “things are different,” he said.

    So too are days of excessive rain, and excessive dry days, wind power and the sea level index.

    “They’re all up,” he said.

    He added: “We’re in a different climate. The climate has changed.”

  • Paul: Dredd’s been all over this topic (sea level change). Check it out sometime.

    Oh, it’s much worse than anyone can believe. Here’s a few news items from a few days ago:

    Man, 19, found dead in hot tub at upscale apartment complex in Baton Rouge (Louisiana)

    Note: A man and woman, 63 and 62, were just found dead in a hot tub in Gatlinburg (Tennessee) too, mentioned in the 2016-04-09 update. The next day, 50 miles away, two people dropped dead in separate homes in the same town in Greene County (Tennessee), mentioned in the 2016-04-10 update…

    1,000 tons of sardines wash up dead in Araucania (Chile)

    Thousands of fish found dead in the Nam Wang River in Lampang (Thailand

    Dwarf sperm whale washes up dead on beach in Palolem (India)

    Home damaged by explosion and fire in Ramapo (New York), near the Ramapo River, 2 injured
    Note: This is the 104th residential explosion in 2016

    Landfill erupts in flame, again, blows toxic smoke over coastal Port-of-Spain on the island of Trinidad

    Landfill erupts in flame, again, in coastal Mumbai (India)

    “Monday’s fire was the second in a month at Mulund. On March 19, a fire broke out, a day after which there was a fire at the Deonar dumping ground.”

    Forest fires destroy 1.3 million hectares of forest in two weeks in Nepal

    Six dockworkers sickened by unknown cause at dock in coastal Travemünde (Germany)

    Greenland hit by warm winds, temperatures way above normal
    Four billion people face severe water scarcity, new research finds

    Heatwave bakes Bangladesh

    Heat wave bakes India, at least 111 killed

    Drought remains in California, despite El Nino

    Four billion people face severe water scarcity, new research finds

    Vicious hailstorm with baseball-sized hail pounds parts of north Texas
    “Several residents shared pictures of the hail — as big as softballs in some areas — on social media. [imagine the damage]

    Whale found dead at Cua Lo Beach (Vietnam), third dead whale in the area in a month

    Brush fire erupts near lake in coastal Miami (Florida)

    Five semi tractors destroyed by fire, four more damaged, while parked at business in Phoenix (Arizona)

    Four passenger buses destroyed by fire while parked at station in coastal Istanbul (Turkey)

    Flooding hits Malawi, at least 12 killed, thousands forced to evacuate

    Underwater landslide in the Gulf of Mexico could cause 15-foot tsunami on the coast in Louisiana

    The mosquito disease explosion – experts warn the Yellow Fever outbreak in Africa is a ticking time bomb

    Supply chain rapidly slowing down in the US

    Many people attempting suicide at Attawapiskat First Nation (Canada), emergency declared

    Lots more and links to all these @ http://jumpingjackflashhypothesis.blogspot.com/

    Last one: Great Dane rescued from 20 feet up in a tree in Louisville (Nebraska) [what?]

  • Wow, Bob S. Your post from 6:04 was stellar! I read it out loud to my wife and posted it on FB, giving you full credit, of course! (Whoever the heck you may be, HEH,HEH!)

  • In case anyone thinks that the current pope is less ecologically clueless than his predecessors:http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/04/12/pope-francis-christian-leaders-warn-global-population/

  • Wow, Nemesis, I just now put this on FB! “The seed is the fruit and the fruit is the seed again. Blossom and wither are one. Remember who you really are. Try to get in real Balance. Dive deep into yourself, into your sleep, into you deepsleep, into your dreams, into your childhood, into your inner darkness, into your eternal home and you will find yourself right where you are now. NOW- that’s all you will ever have. This Now is infinite small and infinite big, infinite good and infinite evil, infinite joyful and infinite painful. This Now is past and future, life and death, light and darkness. It is religion and non-religion, science and non-science. This Now is always changing, this Now is never changing. It is born and unborn, blossom and wither always at the same time.

    You can never escape the Universe, because you are the conscious Universe, a Universe in a Multiverse of other beings. Everything is interconnected- whatever you do, will come back to you, if today, tomorrow, in ten years, in a million years or if now, makes no difference. After all, now is all you have.” (giving you full credit, of course…)

    Jeez, man, that was beautimus!

  • Nemesis should go into the competition for the annual Deepak Chopra award.

  • kevin,kevin
    are you still here
    or in hevin?

  • By now, most here know about Robert Scribbler’s (Robert Marsden Fanny) optimism bias, his censorship of any “doomer” comments on his blog, banning people from commenting and such, but now even Seemorerocks blogger Robin Westenra has become incensed over Scribbler’s censorship of BASIC INFORMATION that Westenra tried to provide in comments to Scribbler’s latest essay, and ‘takes him to the woodshed’ over it.


    Thursday, 14 April 2016
    Discussing the actions of Mr. Robert Marston Fanny

    The following may seem bit harsh but I am offended at the actions of the author of the Robertscribbler blog. He has proved himself to be worthy of the editors of any of the corporate media.

    I am usually slow to anger when it comes to messengers of abrupt climate change but when I do get angry I am slow to forgive.

    If you want to say this is personal you are right – partially. But mostly not. This is about the refusal to carry, comment on, or even criticise what I regard as important information for every person in the South Pacific, South America and Australasia.

    I am both mystified and deeply offended.

    ‘Robertscribbler’ spits in the face of the people of the Southern Hemisphere
    Robert Marston Fanny censors all reference to a “hot blob” in the South Pacific

    A huge heat blob 5 times the size of the “hot blob” off North America

    [that’s some serious warming]


    Mr Fanny can continue to produce his nonsense about saving civilisation (as in today’s “A Harbinger of the End of the Fossil Fuel Era” — Coal Production, Exports Plummet as Peabody Energy Declares Bankruptcy) the day after producing two very good articles. I am perfectly willing to overlook that and refrain from criticism in the interests of the greater good.

    His act of petty censorship and spitting in the face of the people from the South I am NOT willing to forgive, now or in the future.

    [Does anyone else sense the uptick in hostility on the “doomer” & climate-related blogosphere?]

  • That is one of my favorite essays Guy…, it was great reading once again. Right on partner…, write on :)

  • NEVER believe anything produced by Breitbart!

  • Now we know … the greatest crime in the history of humankind has been deliberately conducted since 1946.

    It pales into insignificance Auschwitz, Dachau, and other mass murders.

    We are talking billions of deaths, not mere millions.

    Oil-Qaeda is going to kill us all.

  • james, thanks for the clarification…you just never know about some people. guy, thanks for the memoir. scott…great video. love to stare at some of those images…hypnotic! we’re getting close to the end of the world folks!

  • …we’re about to get to ride on the best roller coaster man ever created.

  • …or is it a pinball machine?

  • …my back is a little better…thanks for asking.

  • Re my post above about Antarctic ice and sea level, it’s worth noting that the sea level rise being talked about is 1.5 times greater and six times faster than current official estimates (3m by 2050 as opposed to 2m by 2100). I suspect that NOAA scientists have discovered something disturbing about the state of WAIS. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

  • @Sir Dredd

    Once again great article of yours! Thanks a lot! PLEASE NEVER STOP RANTING, hehehe 3:-)

    I found a very, very interesting link in your article, therefore I will post it here. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?:

    ” Smoke and Fumes

    This is a story about how the world’s most powerful industry used science, communications, and consumer psychology to shape the public debate over climate change. And it begins earlier—decades earlier—than anyone suspected.

    Explore our documents and discover what they knew, when they knew it, and how they collaborated to confuse the public, promote scientific theories that contradicted their own best information, and block action on the most important challenge of our time…”


    In the long run, they can not hide their dirty doing: A MONSTROUS CRIME on a GLOBAL SCALE for funny PROFIT.

    Now, anyone who wants to stand up and speak in the name of Empire and the fuckin oil industry, by claiming that “We are all cancer, we are all bacterias, we are all criminals, we are all exploiters and killers of Mother Earth, criminals and victims of criminals are the same, we are all equal”, stand up and speak!

  • promote scientific theories that contradicted their own best information

    In George Orwelle’s communist nightmare “1984”, 2 + 2 could equal 4 or 5 or whatever. But in the real world, this is the ultimate recipe for extinction, extinction of any “elite”, the extinction of the Party of Money as well.

    Have you ever thought, that the human rational mind is a blessing, when you stay along the line of truth, but is a monstrous curse, when you start messing with the Truth, when you start cheating and lying despite of your very own information, against your very own knowledge (auto-brain-fuck). THEN you enter the gates of real Hell.

    TRUTH, REALITY is a matter of life and death.


  • @Dredd says “Now we know … the greatest crime in the history of humankind has been deliberately conducted since 1946.”

    It’s interesting how two different people can have two completely different reactions to an identical piece of factual information.

    Anyone who has a basic understanding of our socio-eco-political system will reply with a simple “Duh”. I mean, really, for those with a clue, the idea that anyone anywhere would willingly give up the convenience of increased energy consumption, in the form of surplus food, greater comfort, increased material wealth, etc, is utterly preposterous.

    And yet, every generation seemingly produces a new crop of Quixotes out there tilting with all due diligence. Bless their hearts, but what a crummy way to lead your one chance at consciousness. If you think about it, it’s pretty depressing to contemplate certain individuals operating under the stress of unhappiness – practically every waking moment – over events of which on one has any control.

    The oil companies merely respond to demand – they’re not forcing oil & gas on anyone. (Oh, I know it sounds like a great evil theme.) There has always been a demand for energy. It’s why the old forests of Iraq, Syria & Greece are now barren deserts. It’s why one of the very first battles the UK engaged in in 1914 was not on the western front, but against the Ottomans (Basra). Why? Why! Because of the petroleum reserves, Sherlock.

    It’s why the Nazis tried to cut off the UK during WWII in N Africa. It’s why they went after Stalingrad to cut off the Russians. It’s why we’re in the MENA and we’re NEVER leaving.

    Now, if you’re smart and realistic, you deal with the facts at hand and try & deal yourself the best hand possible. But if you’re a mutant, someone who wasn’t entirely equipped with the right tools to deal in society, well, perhaps you go off on some weird tangent, some crazy rant, where at the end of the day, you’ve accomplished nothing except your own mental anguish.

    Great job, superstar! I feel it cannot be stated strongly enough: nothing is going to turn this ship around. It is going to go supernova. When that occurs, some might still be around to try and pick up the pieces, but that will only occur after the blast, not before.

  • Benign Canine,
    There is a lot in your comment that I agree with,but I suspect that even you know that the oil companies have historically
    not been hapless participants,simply responding to demand. Like any industry within a capitalist economy,they have actively increased demand
    for their product by whatever means seemed appropriate to them.Remember
    how that tyre company (I forget the exact details of the company or the city) bought a large,well functioning light rail system,and then shut it down,in a very successful effort to change the transportation system in a direction which was beneficial to them, by increasing demand for road transport,thus tyres (and increased demand for fossil fuels)
    That example is very small scale compared to the revelations that petroleum companies were aware of the probable effects of atmospheric CO2 for over 45 years,and actively suppressed that information,in order to retain their market dominance and suppress the development of technologies which would have lessened the demand for their product.
    You must think that readers here are wet behind the ears if you think they would swallow your line that the petroleum companies
    are innocent participants,simply responding to demand. The real capitalist world is more complicated than that.

  • B9K9, does all that pretending, ass kissing, brown nosing and boot licking you do with the higher up’s bother you at all or do you just consider it as part of your overall strategy?

    Also, I wanted to ask you the same question I ask all the other guns N ammo types. If it gets to the point where you have to gird up your loins with all that tactical gear, fire power and bug-out bag, because society has broken down, who is keeping the nuclear power plants from melting down so you and the other survivalist types can play “The Walking Dead”?

    I enjoy The Walking Dead, it take place in the great state of Georgia (I used to live there) but there are two nuclear power plants in Georgia (4 reactors) and I’m pretty sure it would only take a few days after the zombie apocalypse and melt downs started for the radiation to get all the apes in the region.

    What good is all your preps in the face of that? None of the other Rambo’s I asked got back to me on that minor flaw in the fantasy. Maybe y’all think that somehow the plant employee’s are going to stick around and prevent melt down so y’all can play your TV fantasy apocalypse scenario. Hey I know, try shooting the radiation cloud as it approaches. Maybe it won’t be that bad since there are only about 100 reactors in the US and a bunch of spent fuel pools. Chemical plants and refineries also need constant monitoring and maintenance or they will blow too. I figure after a month or so the continental US will be one big toxic Super Fund site.

  • Note: This comment is for those interested in birds.

    The link below might be of interest. Visitors to a local national park
    have been ignoring advice to not feed the wildlife, and a cassowary which
    has been fed by them has become a nuisance,as it becomes aggressive towards visitors who don’t feed it.Now there is discussion about possibly relocating the cassowary. Cassowaries are rarely seen in the rainforest,but can occasionally be a problem,particularly if encountered
    when the male has young ones with him.


  • “Our dissociative behavior is broadly labeled the American dream — the same consumptive fantasy world we find consolation in when confronted by the overwhelming threat of climate chaos.”


    Seems like Guy’s workshop addresses the very thing he’s talking about in this article, although most humans are still in “let’s save us!” mode so perhaps it wouldn’t help too much. Either way, it’s an interesting take (even if it’s not particularly revelatory to this group).

  • @ B9K9 Says:
    April 14th, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Your words are “wise and true”… from a certain perspective. That vantage point being one that doesn’t give a flying-fuck about ANYONE or ANYTHING else beyond “what can they do for YOUR benefit, YOUR bottom-line!” Personally, I “get that,” I truly do as I perceive MOST “humans” on this planet to be of no more “benefit” than random flotsam and jetsam after a ship sinks. For example, I’m WELL AWARE that most “people” on this planet can’t even do elementary-school-level arithmetic, regardless of “pedigree” or “educational credentials,” let alone even “simple” algebra. (Note, NEITHER of those “subjects” QUALIFY as “mathematics.”) Yet, I’m willing to “bet” that YOU don’t know even the “first thing” about building a house, even a poor-quality one. (You, like most, can only “evaluate” quality based on your “perceptions” from visual/olfactory/auditory stimuli without regard to the underlying methods and materials of construction.) Or, perhaps, more significantly, HOW is a car made or what does it take to make the steel that goes into that car? I’m willing to bet that you don’t ACTUALLY understand the significance of even the first derivative of a function let alone that of the second derivative. Hell, I’ll even bet you don’t know the difference between a function and an equation. However, IF you don’t know ANY of that, you may rest assured that you’re NOT alone. In fact, the preponderance of “humanity” is firmly aligned with you. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that not a single person reading OR writing on this site can adequately address ANY, certainly not all, of my “bets”… without devolving into some abjectly useless and utterly irrelevant belief of some kind or another. Hell, let’s see a “show of hands” how many of you KNOW the significance and use of a 3-4-5 triangle? Too simple? OK, how many of you KNOW the difference between “static” and “dynamic” loading on ANY structure or object? Do you have even the merest of clues how to calculate those values and what their significance might be? But I’ve digressed too long already.

    Mr. “higham’s” (April 14th, 2016 at 2:41 pm) response to you and, to a lesser extent, that of Apneaman (April 14th, 2016 at 3:21 pm), should have “slapped” some sense into you but I’m, again, willing to bet that you’re so narcissistic that you were able to shrug-off those comments, as well as this one, as being utterly “irrelevant” to your “status” or “well-being.” Well, props and kudos to you… you may very well have a “real good bead on things”… as long as current “living arrangements” do NOT diverge much from what YOU expect. However, I learned long ago, but not “soon enough,” you should expect in one hand and expectorate in the other and note which hand fills first. Nonetheless, I wish you and everyone else reading or writing anything on NBL the “best of luck,” while still KNOWING that, in and of itself, “luck” is “soon” not going to be worth spit.

  • Colin’s reference to the 3,4,5 triangle is that it as easy way to form
    a ‘Right Angle’ (90 degrees). First discovered by Archimedes,I think.
    The sum of the square of the two sides of a right-angled triangle is equal
    to the square of the hypotenuse of that triangle.
    Thus 3 squared(=9) + 4 squared (=16) (total=25) is equal to 5 squared (=25)
    He is also correct that it is useful in practical construction.
    I have used it many times in building our cabin here 39 years ago,plus building sheds,etc.

  • @richards

    ” Hey Nemesis, not that I disagree with you or anything, but I assume you’re sitting naked in a field somewhere fasting to death, having renounced all ties to IC. Just one thing; you forgot to throw away your computer”

    Hell yeah, while I, as an evil, nacked fasting egotist, forgot to throw away my 8 year old computer and still use electric energy, the altruistic, loving oil industries is being charged of crimes by Justitia. It’s an injust world, where the evil guys like me stay free from legal charges and the good guys of the oil industries are held responsible. The Devil is always on the bad guy’s side, isn’t he? :-) In the name of Love:


  • Rejoice Hyper-alienated, holier-than-thou, wealthy white neo-colonial white folks: Kingsnorth’s latest is upon us. For only $22.71! – not including shipping.

    Hey, if you are using electricity, you got no right to complain. Get a job hippies. Go back to Europe…er…something.

    God Save The Queen

  • B9K9 Says:
    April 14th, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    @Dredd says “Now we know … the greatest crime in the history of humankind has been deliberately conducted since 1946.”
    That crime is the coverup, not the origin date of the behavior.

    Reading comprehension problem?

    Try prosecuting your mother for addicting civilization to fossil fuels before she was born.

    You need to attend law school to get a clue about justice and the ingredients of guilt.

    Then try prosecuting Oil-Qaeda for it (The Universal Smedley – 2).

    Minions are as full of shit as Oil-Qaeda, their brain masters (Will This Float Your Boat – 12).

  • I remember my own stint of backwoods manual labour, helping to lay (I flatter myself) the foundations for someone’s (not mine, as it turns out) Thoreauesque escape from the surfeits of civilisation. That was in Western Europe, though, where, even in the backwoods, you are never that far from a grocery store. But it made me viscerally aware of how unavoidable it is to squander resources when they are on tap, and how they are eked out (with no real hardship- at least in the short term) when they are not on tap, and you have to fetch them on your back. There were communal springs dotted around the area, but they were rumoured to have become polluted by the post-war decades of intensive farming with agrochemicals.

    It was actually easier for me to adjust to this relative resource-poverty than it was to re-adjust back again. One thing I still miss is squatting to have a shit. The defacating-throne is a recipe for chronic constipation in itself. You can never take that pompous ceramic pedestal seriously again, (Until it cracks, and you have to call an emergency plumber- that can be serious!)

    But I realise that, while backwoods bowel movements- at least in a temperate climate- might be no hardship, backwoods dental surgery, say, might be another story…

    I have to say that I value B9K9’s remorselessly realpolitikal missives, as much as anything else here… Thanks all..

    Just a quick reply to Daniel from a way back- (I’ve been ‘otherwise engaged’ too)

    @ Daniel:
    Well….respectfully.. this is human (and more) extinction we are talking about, not the arrival of the 15.30 express from… wherever.
    Consequently, notwithstanding that I’m a science ignoramus compared to our host and many commenters here, personally, I’m not about to hold anyone to what I’d consider to be superhuman standards of omniscience or objectivity on such a matter. I would have thought that you, of all people, could sympathise with that? We are all doing the best we can, according to our lights. (that’s a pun if you want.)
    Furthermore, I’d imagine that any scientist whose conscience impels him to a forthright exposition of the facts as they appear to him has to remain alert to the requirement to ‘pitch’ his presentations, in various media, to some perceived level of understanding of his target audience, which might be be an art, or science, in itself. (and It might not be easy to maintain consistency, across the vagaries of language, in a developing situation in a complex system with accumulating- but never sufficient- data). It would be understandable if frustration sets in when that perceived level of comprehension seems to fall below a certain threshold, which frustration might manifest as curt replies, perhaps in an attempt to forestall further descent into a quagmire of confusion.
    Popularising extinction awareness is not a gig that most of us would willingly take on, but it’s probably good that someone has taken it on, even if it is ‘unactionable’. Given that someone has taken it on, it might be courteous, outside the realm of rigorously peer-reviewed scientific journalism, to cut them some slack?
    Conversely, even outside of peer-reviewed scientific journalism, it’s also a sort of courtesy when we make the attempt to keep eachother on our toes, so to speak, intellectually and ethically, as far as our situations, talents, and insights allow, which attempt can sometimes backfire and be misinterpreted as unfriendly criticism.
    On another note, your curiosity concerning the financial arrangements of others would appear to have been humoured, as far as could reasonably be expected, without being reciprocated with any candour concerning your own, as far as I am aware? Not that I’m asking. Neither is anyone else, as far as I am aware. But that point of yours is understood- None of us are independent from the cash nexus. As before, we are all doing the best we can, according to our lights.

  • @Wester,

    Hey young man. Are u going to make the Dark Mountain Gathering in Sept, 2016???

    Wish I could be there but my intellect probably would not allow me to take it all in so I’ll just stay home and watch from here.

    You are the best.

  • [B9K9] …

    Thanks also for demonstrating the childlike simplicity of well-worn climate science denial, pro-pollution arguments. As you know, individual consumers in the United States are quite limited in the energy choices currently available to them. Those options are further constrained by laws governing energy markets, building ownership, and monopoly electric utilities.

    Most people don’t share your personal devotion to fossil fuels. When cleaner options are available to them, they quickly dump fossil fuels. You may prefer polluted air, water, and soil, but most folks don’t. Few people, given an actual choice, would choose pollution today and risk for their children, grandchildren and future generations tomorrow.

    But hey, you’re right that there are consequences to keeping fossil fuels in the ground – clean air, clean water, clean soil, healthier children, fish no longer contaminated with mercury, avoiding the risk of potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change…” (Desi Doyen)

  • @Wester

    I love Motörheads “God save the Queen”! Hell yeah, I got no right to complain, because I am using a fuckin computer- but I am still complaining, just for the funny fun of it :-)

    Dedicated to the beloved, demand serving oil industries and all other folks carrying bags full of worthlessness, muhahaha, MEET YOU THERE/HERE SOON:

  • For Nemesis and 18000days:

  • Now this here is the kind of life of excellence I can really get behind:

    Log Loader Sabotaged in British Columbia
    from Earth First! Newswire
    According to Western Canadian Timber Products, Ltd, one of their 290 Hitachi Log Loaders was sabotaged near Mission, British Columbia, outside of Vancouver. The alleged sabotage took place some time during the evening or early hours of April 11-12th. During the night, the timber company states, “Someone proceeded to cut a gate lock at our Logging location on the Patterson Creek [Road]… The person then placed a rock on the travel controls and proceeded to direct the Log Loader over the bank.
    The company went on to remark that “The destruction of this machine has cost our Company greatly[.]”


  • Higgs Boson Blues ?

    Scene: SNL set of old with Gilda Radner as Emily Litella

    Emily Litella:
    What’s all this I hear about the Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded to a couple of Europeans who studied hogs and bison ?

    Shouldn’t something like that be covered by a Nobel Prize in Zoology ?

    I mean…pigs are pretty much everywhere, but bison ?

    Couldn’t they at least find an Indian scientist to honor for studying bison ?
    Oh, well…what do you expect from a prize committee based in a country
    that dips perfectly good whitefish in lye ?

    Anyway, I’m Emily Litella and that’s…
    Off-screen voice of Don Pardo:

    Miss Litella, the prize in Physics was for work on the Higgs boson, not hogs and bison.

    The Higgs boson allows some fundamental particles to have mass and form atoms.
    Without it, everything would move at the speed of light and have no mass.

    Emily Litella:
    Oh, that’s very different….nevermind !

  • @ Wester also power-lines is being sabotaged .. Very politely in Canada they are calling this vandalism http://bc.ctvnews.ca/chainsaw-wielding-vandal-cuts-power-to-6-000-surrey-residents-1.2857755

  • I like Monbiot,but we have run out of time to design a new system,let alone
    implement it. The inhabitants of our insane industrial civilisation are basically chimpanzees let loose with matches in a fireworks warehouse.http://www.monbiot.com/2016/04/15/the-zombie-doctrine/

  • From the recent postings at Scribbler’s, one might surmise that it is a herald for the playing out of the NBL forecasts.

  • Hey Guy, I was wondering, you speak and write very well but sadly the folks that need to learn what you try to teach haven’t your skill or knowledge. So how about a picture book? Something with simple statements, captions under photo’s of what is really going on. Something geared to wards the k-8 level. Maybe a coloring book type thing at the end with a sort of quiz, connect the dots kinda thingy. The old adage of “kiss” needs to be applied, something interactive for the whole family. Something to educate and prevent violent chaos, which I greatly fear. I try to employ the 7 P’s at all times and this is where they are most need, this dire future we all face: prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

    Thank you for Being.


    for those of you who once visited my site onedman.org, I have shut it down due to fears of the united state of police, thank you for your past interest…

  • @ gilbert satchell
    Yeah and than whats next aN NBL coloring book ?! Idiot

  • Those damned climate scientists are the hustlers in the cuckoo’s nest.https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/apr/15/sarah-palin-bill-nye-climate-change-hustle-film

  • B9K9 Says: Now, if you’re smart and realistic, you deal with the facts at hand and try & deal yourself the best hand possible.

    Deal with plutonium in your lungs and the lungs of every breathing creature on this planet beginning sometime within a few months and 14 years from now. That’s the hand your philosophy and its resulting way of life have dealt us.

  • Whack!, seventh monthly global record in a row- March globally warmest march by far since records began, the temperature curve couldn’t rise any steeper:


    ” 15.4.2016 – March temperature smashes 100-year global record

    Average global temperature was 1.07C hotter – beating last month’s previous record increase…”


  • david higham posted the march record already, I haven’t seen that.

    Anyway, we can’t anything with us (Nix mitnehma^^), I like that :-) …

  • Sorry, correction:

    ” we can’t anything with us” should be “we can’t TAKE anything with us…”

  • @David Highman…nice reviews of a nice book but I’m thinking of a “kids” book, not one for me…I find it odd that the comments towards my idea, shows how little people understand of what they read, see, etyere petere calling me an idiot because I think kids need a way of understanding they are the last one’s here, it’s hard for me to look at a new mother suckling her baby and she and the baby haven’t a clue that they are the last…just another thing lost; compassion…and people ask why I shut down my site, duh

  • **it’s hard for me to look at a new mother suckling her baby and she and the baby haven’t a clue that they are the last**

    Perhaps a coloring book can help you cope?

  • Gilbert,
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. The kids are going to find out soon enough. Probably kinder to let them live as long as possible without
    the burden of knowledge. It’s the idiotic parents that make me angry.