23. November 2015


The Seventh Stage: A Documentary Film

Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe has created a documentary film dedicated to the seventh stage of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief. I wrote about the seventh stage early October 2015. The film relies upon the disparate perspectives of ten people with respect to the seventh stage, and it is embedded below. Catch Nature Bats […]

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20. November 2015


Too Big to Fly

by Daniel J. Lavender, independent writer and philosopher from eastern Tennessee of the Infinite Flags.  People fly them.  People fight for them.  People die for them. I don’t fly a flag. I probably wouldn’t if I had to. But if I were to fly a flag it certainly wouldn’t be of the state.  It wouldn’t be of […]

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17. November 2015


The Wave Crashes

Herman Hesse opens his 1919 novel Demian with the following few lines. I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so difficult? And then, about three-quarters of the way into the book, Hesse struggles anew and in greater detail with his own […]

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14. November 2015


The Worsening Spectre of Global Dimming: A New Interview With Dr. McPherson

by Reese Jones There is the methane monster; a permafrost timebomb in the making. But perhaps to trump that, there’s now the ominous spectre of global dimming. What is global dimming? Global dimming is the “darkening” of the atmosphere by particulate matter generated by airborne emissions and pollutants. These particles deflect solar radiation, thus causing […]

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11. November 2015


Long Live Those Who Will

by T. Ripton This isn’t a last-ditch effort from a dying girl attempting to placate her own woes or worries. This essay is written in celebration. I say this unlike most all others have ever said or meant it before: in the most non-religious sense but … It’s time to leave the dead to bury […]

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8. November 2015


What I Believe, Redux

I’ve copied below an essay I posted in this space on 29 July 2008. It’s posted verbatim, and is preceded by a brief, contemporary introduction and also an embedded song. There’s much more, too, at the bottom of the page. Belief is an odd topic of discussion. Belief leads directly to the mentality of conquest, […]

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5. November 2015


What I Live for

I posted the essay below, verbatim, on 7 August 2008. I’m using the same title for today’s essay, and adding a brief introduction and an embedded song. Also, I’ve linked to a new essay for Shift at the bottom of the page. Consistent with my perspective from August 2008, I still live to comfort the […]

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