25. January 2015


Interview with Andrew Harvey

I was interviewed via Skype by Andrew Harvey on Saturday, 24 January 2015. Harvey is founding director of the Institute for Sacred Activism and he also wrote wrote the foreword for Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind. The one-hour interview is embedded below, courtesy of filmmaker Pauline Schneider. ______ New in the […]

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23. January 2015



by Satish Musunuru Geophilia is a moving commentary on the multitude of existential crises facing humanity and the planet. I’m a former engineer living in Silicon Valley. I left my job at Google to research, ponder over and write about the larger issues of Civilization and Technological progress in the context of climate change, ecocide, […]

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21. January 2015


Edge of Extinction Episode #4

With my thanks, this episode of Edge of Extinction was created by Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe ______ Please visit the DONATIONS tab. I’m wide open to non-monetary donations, subject only to your creativity. For example, I would appreciate your generosity with respect to frequent-flyer miles. ______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with […]

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20. January 2015


So This is The Anthropocene? Or, Rather, is Our Hubris Showing?

by Alton C. Thompson The term “Anthropocene,” although originated by some Russians in the 1980s, was given its current common meaning by USan “ecologist Eugene F. Stoermer[,] and has been widely popularized by the [Dutch] Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist, Paul Crutzen, who regards the influence of human behavior on the Earth’s atmosphere in recent centuries […]

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18. January 2015


Patriarchy Arises from Ownership

My two recent essays in this space, here and here, contemplated the idea of ownership. I’d be hard pressed to find a worse idea than ownership, an idea that lies at the root of our myriad predicaments. In this brief essay, I follow ownership to its logical conclusion: human behavior. I can already hear the […]

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16. January 2015


Edge of Extinction Episode #3

With my thanks, this episode of Edge of Extinction was created by Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe _______ Tech note, courtesy of mo flow: Random issues have been appearing with posting comments. Sometimes a “Submit Comment” click will return a 404 Page Not Found, or another error, for no apparent reason. To ensure you don’t […]

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14. January 2015


Owning Up

“The American Dream” was popularized by James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book, The Epic of America (Little, Brown, and Company, Boston). My 2004 book, Killing the Natives, begins with a comparison of Adams’ ideas to the version of the American Dream articulated by First Officer Spock from the television series Star Trek (“live long […]

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