8. July 2014

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Contemplating Suicide? Please Read This

If you are contemplating suicide, please re-consider. And then click here for awareness, prevention, and support on the topic of suicide. I’m not advocating for or against suicide. I’m non-judgmental about the issue, although I agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu that every human has a right to make the decision to end his or her […]

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30. October 2014


More from New Zealand

Parts of my latest interview with Reese Jones are embedded below. Part 1 can be found here. Robin Westenra provides a description of a recent event, and he includes several photographs. It’s a bit unusual, and it’s posted here. ************ As indicated below, McPherson will be hosted by Kevin Hester in New Zealand for another […]

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25. October 2014


A Report from the Front Line and More Media from New Zealand

by Andrew Rundle-Keswick Yesterday Guy McPherson met with a group of us at Tapu te Ranga Marae in Wellington, New Zealand. Guy’s presentation is embedded below, along with subsequent discussion. We had a very interesting and lively discussion. Part way though the discussion one of the participants, Robert Atack raised up the subject of the possibility that […]

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23. October 2014


Latest Media

My latest interview with Reese Jones is embedded below. ************ I was interviewed the day before I delivered a presentation in Auckland, New Zealand. The resulting article is posted here. The presentation was followed by an ambush. Check out the ensuing write-up here. ************ Pauline Schneider’s film, Going Dark, is embedded below. Password is Going […]

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21. October 2014


Pauline Schneider’s Film (and More)

Pauline Schneider’s film, Going Dark, is embedded below. Password is Going Dark. Please support her efforts at the tip jar. She’ll not recover her costs, much less earn money, so you needn’t worry about her becoming financially wealthy on this effort. Going Dark Documentary from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo. *********** McPherson was interviewed on Paul […]

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19. October 2014


Why We Should Welcome Our Demise—and Soon!

by Alton C. Thompson I take it as a given that our species is “on the way out.”  If for no other reason than global warming—or, as some prefer, “climate change.”  After all: As Bruce Melton noted last year, “In the last 28 years we [humans] have emitted as many greenhouse gas pollutants as we […]

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16. October 2014


Recent and Forthcoming Travels

A recently completed, 12-day speaking tour to California and southern Oregon totaled more than 20 formal events and many additional informal ones. Big thanks to my friends Peter Melton and Wolf for their entertaining company, and to Peter for voluntarily taking on the task of my west-coast manager (and performing the task brilliantly). Yes, I […]

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14. October 2014


Fiddling While Rome Burns

by Alton C. Thompson The fire, in 64 CE, that destroyed much of Rome came to have associated with it the claim that then-Emperor Nero “fiddled” while the city was burning.  Although Italy gave birth to the violin, this did not occur until the sixteenth century—making Nero’s “fiddling” in 64 CE impossible. This is not […]

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12. October 2014


Where Are They? The Creatives of Our Generation

by Emma Fenton It’s a peculiar dilemma in a world which is becoming increasingly globalized by the minute, revolutionizing our mass media and transforming connectivity into a virtual network where another individual on the other side of the planet appears at the click of a button. Our internet empowers us to share critical resources, express new […]

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10. October 2014


How to Feel Better

by Reese Jones The world seems to be falling apart … WHAT TO DO? In contemplating near-term human extinction, if one believes it to be coming to pass shortly, there is likely a terrible inevitability that can wrench the gut and tear the soul. And, if one has young children, the agony can be exponentially […]

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8. October 2014


Winning The Struggle With Hopium Addiction

by Doug Fasching  This is not the essay that I was expecting to write, nor is it the one I wanted to. When you start a journey you have an expectation of where you will end up. In my life that has never been the case. I first wrote an essay called Coping Skills, which […]

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