My Books

McPherson, G.R., D.D. Wade, and C.B. Phillips (compilers). 1990. Glossary of Fire Management Terms Used in the United States. Society of American Foresters, Bethesda, Maryland.

McPherson, G.R. 1997. Ecology and Management of North American Savannas. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

McPherson, G.R. and S. DeStefano. 2003. Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.

Weltzin, J.F. and G.R. McPherson (editors). 2003. Changing Precipitation Regimes and Terrestrial Ecosystems. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

McPherson, G.R. 2004. Killing the Natives: Has the American Dream Become a Nightmare? Whitmore Publishing Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

McPherson, G.R. 2006. Letters to a Young Academic: Seeking Teachable Moments. Rowman & Littlefield Education, Lanham, Maryland.

Brothers, Mac. 2006. Academic Pursuits. PublishAmerica, Baltimore, Maryland.

Jensen, S.E. and G.R. McPherson. 2008. Living with Fire: Fire Ecology and Policy for the Twenty-first Century. University of California Press, Berkeley. I read from this book here.

Esparza, A.X. and G.R. McPherson (editors). 2009. The Planner’s Guide to Natural Resource Conservation: The Science of Land Development Beyond the Metropolitan Fringe. Springer, New York.

McPherson, G.R. 2011. Walking Away from Empire: A Personal Journey. Publish America, Baltimore, Maryland. Also available at Amazon (also for kindle) and Barnes & Noble. Reviewed by Sandy Krolick, John Rember, Cameron Conaway, and dozen readers at Amazon. Trailer is embedded below.

McPherson, G.R. 2013. Going Dark. Publish America, Baltimore, Maryland. Reviewed by Carolyn Baker at Speaking Truth to Power and Anne Pyterek at Blue Bus Books.

Going Dark cover. Kindle version available here.

Baker, C. and G.R. McPherson. 2014. Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind. Tayen Lane Publishing. Electronic copy available here from Amazon.

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