Broadcast media:

14 April 2008 television interview on KAET Phoenix*

14 April 2008 radio interview on KJZZ 91.5 Phoenix

18 July 2008 radio interview on UA news (podcast)

30 July 2008 television interview on Arizona Illustrated, KUAT: Living close to nature carries risks

7 December 2009 radio interview on AlternativeEnergyRadio, a production of the Shades of Green Network* on

2 April 2010 radio interview on OneRadioNetwork: Living off the grid* (also linked here*)

12 September 2010 radio interview on Conscious Discussions

15 November 2010 radio interview on Radio Catskills’ WJFF Connections* with Dick Riseling

31 January 2011 radio interview on From the Right Radio with Shane Tyree

9 March 2011 radio interview on C-REALM radio with KMO

14 May 2011 I’m one of three talking heads for the feature-length film The College Conspiracy*

11 July 2011 television interview on the Keiser Report* with Max Keiser (permalink on youtube here)

12 August 2011 radio interview on Everything is Okay

15 September 2011 television interview with ABC 10 UP

13 November 2011 radio interview on C-REALM radio with KMO

7 February 2012 radio interview with Michigan State University student radio*

15 April 2012 radio interview on The Lifeboat Hour* with Michael C. Ruppert

13 June 2012 radio interview on Shift Shapers with Daniel Kerbein

19 June 2012 radio interview on Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith: Podcast is here* (high resolution) and here* (low resolution), mirrored here with extensive description* and also here. But the most comprehensive assessment, including abundant description and numerous links, is here.

7 July 2012 radio interview on Radio New Zealand with Kim Hill, Agrarian anarchy embedded below and further described here (by New Zealand’s New Economics Party)

8 October 2012 radio interview with on American Freedom Radio* with Kevin Barrett

9 October 2012 webinar hosted by Institute of Ecolonomics embedded here* (first embedded video)

29 November 2012 radio interview on the Bill Newman show*

3 December 2012 radio “interview” on Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith. Actually, this podcast is cleaned-up audio from my presentation at the Bluegrass Bioneers annual conference a couple weeks earlier

18 December 2012 radio interview on the Enviro show in Florence, Massachusetts

1 February 2013 radio interview on The Refreshment Center* with Gabrielle Price, along with Christopher Weller

20 March 2013 radio interview on C-REALM radio with KMO. Listener feedback and commentary from KMO follows on the following C-REALM podcast, beginning at the 49:30 mark

1 April 2013 radio interview on Progress Toward Democracy* on BlogTalkRadio

21 April 2013 radio interview on the Lifeboat Hour with Michael C. Ruppert*

22 April 2013 on the Progressive Commentary Hour with Gary Null*

14 May 2013, on the Progressive Commentary Hour with Gary Null*

16 June 2013, Doomstead Diner on climate change and human extinction, embedded below and permalinked at the The Burning Platform, Survival Place Blog, and The Daily Sheeple

16 June 2013, Doomstead Diner on life history and personal philosophy, embedded below

10 July 2013, talk-radio host Meria Heller — the Mouth that Roars. Subscribe to listen here or click below.

22 September 2013 radio interview on the Lifeboat Hour with Michael C. Ruppert* (embedded below)

28 October 2013 (based on interview conducted 18 October 2013) radio interview on KGNU Boulder’s Morning Magazine (description of the show is here).

15 November 2013 radio interview with Greg Moffitt for Legalise Freedom Radio, Earth Extinction 2030

18 November 2013 radio interview on the Vinny Eastwood show, archived here and embedded below

19 December 2013 television interview on RT’s “Breaking the Set” with Abby Martin is embedded below and described here

22 December 2013 radio interview on the Lifeboat Hour with Michael C. Ruppert* (permalinked at Seemorerocks*)

16 January 2014 Skype-based radio interview with Michael Mountain of Earth in Transition embedded below

12 February 2014 Skype-based radio interview with UK Collapse Radio embedded below

14 February 2014 radio interview on Equal Time Radio

14 February 2014 Skype-based interview with Conspiracy HQ‘s* Rob Daven is embedded below

8 March 2014 radio interview on CKUW news conducted 7 February 2014

11 March 2014 Skype-based interview with The Higherside Chats conducted 6 March 2014

18 March 2014 radio interview with Michael Welch in Winnipeg (interview was conducted 7 February 2014), Global Research News Hour Episode 57. Link includes 18-minute video clip from a presentation in Winnipeg delivered 6 February 2014.

18 March 2014 radio/television interview with Thom Hartmann embedded below

21 March 2014 radio interview with Michael Welch at CKUW in Winnipeg from 7 February 2014 is linked here. The link includes a few minutes from my presentation a night earlier.

21 March 2014 reading from Going Dark and subsequently responding to questions at a local bookstore in early March 2014. Clips from my reading and Q&A, respectively, are embedded below.

24 March 2014 interview with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV embedded below. Interview was conducted 25 February 2014, and a transcript is here.

31 March 2014 radio interview with Mike Nowak conducted 30 March 2014

1 April 2014 radio interview with Robert Lorei*

4 April 2014 television interview with Thom Hartmann, “Conversations with Great Minds” is embedded below

9 April 2014 radio interview with Jason Turnbull, CBC radio in Sudbury, Canada

15 April 2014 Skype-based interview with Derrick Jensen on Resistance Radio*, conducted a few weeks before it was posted

15 April 2014 radio interview with Gary Null embedded below. My voice starts shortly after the 39-minute mark.

27 April 2014 radio interview with Species Barrier recorded 17 February 2014

28 April 2014 Michael Welch’s radio tribute to Michael C. Ruppert. McPherson was interviewed a week earlier for the show, which is linked here.

29 April 2014 by John Malkin at Santa Cruz Freak Radio is embedded below

5 May 2014 by Michael Welch for Global Research. My segment begins at the 45:07 mark.

26 May 2014 interview with Lotus Guide is embedded below. Partial transcript is here.

12 June 2014 interview with Gary Null is embedded below. Description is here*, and my interview begins at the 33-minute mark (skip the initial 33 minutes by clicking on the second embedded file below). For confirmation of my comment about the ongoing Dust Bowl, see this article in 16 May 2014 issue of National Geographic.

14 June 2014 radio interview on by Mort White for The Magic Garden*

20 June 2014 Skype interview with Orange Ray Productions

20 June 2014 radio interview with Dan Kinch* for Sex and Politics Radio (begins at about the six-minute mark)

23 June 2014 interview with SFPI radio

26 June 2014 podcast with Doomstead Diner (recorded 25 May 2014)

Late June 2014, Living Green with Michael Harris embedded below

4 July 2014 interview on Truth Jihad Radio is linked here. I was interviewed, along with Carolyn Baker, by Kevin Barrett.

12 July 2014 radio interview on SFPI with Rick Staggenborg is embedded below. A commercial-free version is linked here*.

Listen To Politics Internet Radio Stations with SFPI Radio on BlogTalkRadio

13 July 2014 radio interview with Carolyn Baker on the Lifeboat Hour is described and embedded here*

22 July 2014 Skype interview with UK Collapse radio. Discussion about and with McPherson begins at the 50-minute mark in the video embedded below.

29 July 2014 radio interview with Gary Null on the Progressive Radio Network*. Segment featuring McPherson begins at the 20-minute mark in the audio embedded below, and was recorded in early April 2014.

30 July 2014 radio interview with Bill Newman for WHMP in Northampton, Massachusetts is described and archived here.

31 July 2014 interview with Gary Null for WBAI in New York City is archived here* (The Ethical Doctor | Interpersonal Update, beginning at the 24-minute mark).

9, 10, 17, 25 July 2014; 11 and 21 August 2014; and 11 September 2014 YouTube interviews with Reese Jones are embedded below in several parts. The entire collection can be found at this link, and the playlist is here, too.

4 September 2014 radio interview with Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock is described here (albeit disingenously) and linked for high bandwidth and low bandwidth

26 September 2014 radio interview with Cynthia Fernandes of Simple Life

26 September 2014 radio interview with Coral Reef at Radio Free Santa Cruz

28 September 2014 panelist on a television show broadcast in Santa Cruz, California embedded below

11 October 2014 radio interview on by Mort White for The Magic Garden*

Mid-October 2014 interview with Reese Jones embedded below

20 October 2014, The Paul Henry television program in Auckland, New Zealand last night. Catch the description and video here.

23 October 2014, Dr Guy McPherson – Collapse, Disruption, Runaway Greenhouse Gases and Ecological Overshoot

26 October 2014, Paul Shelley Radioactive radio in Wellington, New Zealand embedded below

Prof. Guy McPherson Interview by Radioactive.Fm on Mixcloud

31 October 2014 for Access Manawatu: for now, it’s the first show at this link*.

31 October 2014 radio interview in New Zealand. Podcast is here*.

22 November 2014 video interview embedded below

12 December 2014 interview by Michael Welch for the Global Research News Hour. Read the description and listen to the interview here.

Interview conducted by Reese Jones on 15 December 2014 is embedded below in multiple parts.

5 January 2015 interview by Michael Harris for Thinking Green Public Access television is embedded below

7 January 2015 interview with UK Collapse Radio is embedded below

9 January 2015 interview with Raw Voices result is linked here

15 February 2015 Resistance Radio with Derrick Jensen

31 March 2015 interview on the Gary Null show on WBAI in New York City. My portion begins at the 38:20 mark.

31 March 2015 Carolyn Baker and I were interviewed by Michael Stone. Catch the description and audio here. Also embedded below.

21 April 2015 video “interview” in Zurich, Switzerland is embedded below. It addresses several issues, including my personal journey, civilization, abrupt climate change, summary, and reactions. Big thanks to David Kruger, Miriam Rathke, and Edwin Moser.

26 June 2015 radio interview with Michael Welch for Global Research. Description, recording, and transcript: Doomsday Scenarios: Climate Change and World War III.

6 July 2015 interview with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV embedded below. Interview was conducted during early March 2015.

13 July 2015 interview with Gary Null on the Gary Null Show. Segment featuring me begins at the 54:53 mark.

21 July 2015 broadcast of interview conducted two weeks earlier: Evolve and Ascend

13 August 2015 I was interviewed alongside journalist Dahr Jamail by the Real News Network. The video result is embedded below and the full description and transcript can be found here.

14 August 2015 I spent a bit of time two days ago in conversation with Kevin Hester and Robin Westenra (Seemorerocks). The resulting audio file is embedded below, and the description and audio are linked here.

30 August 2015 episode of Extinction Radio featured a long interview with me — starting at the 8:10 mark — along with my usual weekly contributions. The show is embedded below, and a detailed timeline follows.

Extinction Radio Podcast 23 8-30-2015: 0:08 Extinction Radio theme music by Gene Gibson 0:29 Music by Ross Ainslie 5:40 Program introduction with Mike Ferrigan 08:10 Interview with Guy McPherson by Ivey Cone and Peter Melton 45:38 Benjamin the Donkey 46:16 Genes Gems: Eric Michaels 51:04 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki 1:24:50 Benjamin the Donkey 1:25:12 Poetry with Debba Kale Earnshaw 1:27:46 Poetry by Rabid Poet, Rex Eagle 1:28:45 Kevin Hester with Peter Melton 1:45:05 Gene’s Gems: Eric Michaels and Johnny Richie 1:49:14 Q&A with Guy McPherson 1:56:13 Benjamin the Donkey 1:56:32 Carolyn Baker with Mike Ferrigan 2:14:50 Music: Copper Kettle 2:19:13 Extreme Weather Report by Ivey Cone 2:27:04 Benjamin the Donkey 2:27:42 John Compost Cossham 2:37:22 Music by Mimi German 2:41:37 Interview: Mick Collins with Peter Melton 3:01:16 Guy McPherson with Climate-Change Update 3:02:51 Seemorerocks with Pam and Robin Westerna 3:22:22 Sam Carana Report with Debba Kale Earnshaw

15 September 2015 interview for Curious Radio. The interview was conducted via telephone on Monday, 14 September 2015. The result is described and can be heard here.

3 October 2015 interview by Doug Bennett for Unspun radio. The show is described and archived here.

1 November 2015 “Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown” on National Geographic embedded below


11 December 2015 radio interview with Michael Welch of Global Research linked here with a description, and my portion is all here

12 December 2015 radio interview with Press TV, Humans will go extinct soon because of global warming

12 January 2016 radio interview by Fahrusha and Kate Valentine for the Shattered Reality Podcast described and embedded here and here

16 January 2016 radio interview by Chuck Mertz for This is Hell! described and embedded here. Transcript is here.

27 January 2016 radio interview with Press TV described and embedded here

29 January 2016 radio interview with of Extinction Radio at 2:37:29 — 3:06:05 of the show*. Extinction Radio is archived weekly here.

2 February 2016 radio interview by Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network, along with Paul Beckwith. The show is described and embedded here.

10 March 2016 podcast interview by Wolfgang Werminghausen for the premiere episode of his podcast. Hear it on Soundcloud here.

1 April 2016 20-minute interview with Peter Melton for Extinction Radio

4 April 2016 interviewed by Reasonable Voices radio, posted 11 April 2016. Description and podcast are available here.

12 April 2016 with Gary Null on the Progressive Commentary Hour. Described and archived here, with my portion beginning at the 34:45 mark.

29 April 2016 Seemorerocks recorded a conversation among McPherson, Kevin Hester, and Robin Westenra, as described and archived here

4 May 2016 radio interview on Rising Up with Sonali, KPFA Berkeley, California. Listen here, with my interview beginning at about the 23-minute mark.

27 May 2016 with Press TV

29 May 2016 with Derrick Jensen on Resistance Radio

31 May 2016 with Rick Chicago on The People Speak

2 May 2016 with Michael Welch on the Global Research News Hour

9 June 2016 with Brandon Holmes on A Straight Line. Interview was conducted via Skype on 29 April 2016.

13 June 2016 on the Safe and Sound podcast*. Interview was conducted via telephone on 26 May 2016. Download here.

17 June 2016 with Carol Rosin for American Freedom Radio*

28 June 2016 with Tom Sumner for The Tom Sumner Show (radio)

3 August 2016 with Paul Roland for KBOO in Portland, Oregon. Listen here.

10 August 2016 with Paul Roland for KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon. Listen here.

9 September 2016 by Carol Rosin for her show described in the archives, with an audio file embedded here and a YouTube version embedded below

14 September 2016 with Deb Ozarko Deb Ozarko for her podcast

26 September 2016 by Michael Welch for People of Interest, a local community news show in Winnipeg, Canada. The entire show is linked here. Interview with McPherson is linked here.

28 September 2016 (published): I was interviewed for Sequitur by Peter Melton on 31 March 2016. Thanks to Susan Livingston for recording, editing, and posting the interview here.

2 October 2016 by Open Your Mind radio in Ireland embedded below as a YouTube clip

18 October 2016 by Gary Null for the Progressive Radio Network

18 November 2016 by Michael Welch for the Global Research News Hour, along with Cory Morningstar

21 November 2016 Safe and Sound radio

24 November 2016 with Paul Henry for New Zealand television. Archived version is described and embedded here.

Interview for Memento Mori podcast in June 2016 made available in late November

28 November 2016 interviewed alongside Kevin Hester by Tom Lynch for Green Planet FM

29 November 2016 interviewed by Ivey Cone of Fuki Cafe while on tour in New Zealand. The result is embedded below.

20 December 2016 Dennis Lindahl of the Bakken Beacon

Early Decemember 2016, Peter Wakeman, New Zealand, embedded below

5 January 2017 KJZZ interview conducted two months previously with the National Public Radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. The show is described and can be heard here.

7 January 2017 by Sherri Wisdom for American Freedom Radio

11 January 2017 Jennifer Hynes of Extinction Radio interviewed me 7 January 2017. The show is described and can be heard here. As a teaser, Rick Siegenthaler put a short segment of the interview to video, and it’s embedded below.

26 January 2017 The Gary Null Show

29 January 2017 Sherri Wisdom Fischer and Steve Roberts for Cancel the Cabal. Video is embedded below.

3 February 2017 Press TV’s Economic Divide.

7 February 2017 James Broderick for Ancestral Health Radio

4 March 2017 with Steven Spencer for Environmental Professionals Postulating. It’s on iTunes here.

8 March 2017 by Jennifer Hynes for Extinction Radio, listed here. A video teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler is embedded below, followed by the video versions of the entire interview he created.

26 April 2017 interviewed by Olivier Larvor and Keith Clarke podcast for the Death Hangout podcast on 7 April 2017, with a result described and embedded here.

5 May 2017 interviewed by Carol Rosin on American Freedom Radio on 5 May 2017, embedded below

1 May 2017 for Press TV’s Economic Divide for an episodee described and embedded here

31 May 2017 for Press TV via telephone, described and embedded here

2 June 2017 by Sandy Schoelles for Environmental Coffee House. The resulting video is embedded below.

2 June 2017 by Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network in the latter 30 minutes of the one-hour show archived here

6 June 2017 by Gary Null for The Progressive News Hour described and embedded here

14 June 2017 by Peter Melton for Extinction Radio

9 May 2017 by Dave Gardner for the Conversation Earth podcast

15 June 2017 by Wolfgang Werminghausen for the Faster than Expected podcast

13 July 2017 by Patrick Farnsworth for his Last Born in the Wilderness podcast

17 July 2017 by EcoRadio at KKFI in Kansas City, Missouri

25 July 2017 by Dave Thompson of Bolingbrook Community Television. Video was released in four parts during the months following the conversation. The series is embedded below in chronological order.

1 August 2017 by Chris Burnett for “Indymedia on Air,” KPFK 90.7 FM radio in Los Angeles, California

11 August 2017 I was interviewed by Stephen John Miller and Mike Rodda for The Real World Show with Mike and Steve. The audio interview is embedded below.

25 August 2017 interviewed by Ira Robinson for Open Eyes Radio. Video version below.

26 August 2017 with Dougie the Abolitionist in Atlanta, Georgia (final 20 minutes)

14 September 2017 by Marcello Rollando for Charlottesville This Week, embedded below as a video clip

18 September 2017 with Marcello Rollando for The Reasonable Voices Radio Show

3 October 2017 by Kevin Hester for Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network

10 October 2017 by Alex Norton for his podcast, Psychological Warfare

17 October 2017 by Hugh and Sandra of THAT Channel. The audio result is embedded below.

2 November 2017 by Jonathan Ray for Apocalypse Fatigue

3 November 2017 in the studio of ThatChannel in Toronto, Canada. Result embedded below.

9 November 2017 by Susan Livingston for the Sequitur podcast

5 December 2017 by Kelley Lincoln for KMUD radio’s Environment Show

13 December 2017 by Carol Rosin for American Freedom Radio. The audio result is embedded below.

19 December 2017 by Lonnie Clark of UCY.TV for her “Age of Fission” radio show in Eugene, Oregon

20 December 2017 by Kevin of Sandbloom’s Bulk Goods. Video result is embedded below.

23 December 2017 by Dougie the Abolitionist for live radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Result can be heard in the final 18 minutes of the file embedded here and also perhaps here.

28 December 2017 by Michael Canning for his Sentient Seas podcast

29 December 2017 I was asked by Iran Daily to comment on a recent tweet by President Donald Trump. My response is embedded below.

2 January 2018 for Your Own Health and Fitness on KPFA in Berkeley, California

22 January 2018 Lonnie Clark of UCY.TV for her “Age of Fission”
radio show. Audio result is embedded here. YouTube version is embedded below.

5 April 2018 by the Canadian Prepper, embedded below in two parts

22 April 2018 by Brian Weinstein and Paul Maginley of The Reality Report. The result is embedded below.

31 May 2018 for Margo’s Healing Corner, embedded below in three different formats

Watch on YouTube

Watch on Bitchute

Listen to audio podcast

7 June 2018 by Brian Weinstein and Paul Maginley of The Reality Report. The result is embedded below.

18 June 2018 by Patrick Farnsworth for his Last Born in the Wilderness Podcast

9 July 2018 by Francis Briére. The result is embedded below.

14 July 2018 by Dougie the Abolitionist on live radio in Atlanta, Georgia. The half-hour interview is archived here and also here.

18 July 2018 by WRUU 107.5 radio in Savannah, Georgia

11 August 2018 I was interviewed by Jamarl Thomas for his YouTube channel. The resulting video is embedded below in two parts.

Print media:

Cover stories in the local counter-culture weekly newspaper: Peak Oil (22 March 2007) and Poetry (4 December 2008)

End of the world as we know it, Arizona Republic, 6 April 2008

Feature story in Tucson’s morning daily newspaper from 20 January 2009 features Poetry Inside/Out

Blog post by Kurt Cobb at Resource Insights, 26 September 2010

How to talk to a climate skeptic by Erik Curren at Transition Voice, 30 September 2010

Hate Bullying? Science + Humanities = Educated Empathy* by Cameron Conaway, Poetry Examiner, 11 October 2010

Bioenergy Days wrap-up: Midwest pioneering alternative forms of renewable energy, The Rock River Times, 3 November 2010

Exit empire*, JP Hayes for Adbusters, 29 April 2011

Praying for rain, praying for collapse*, Erik Curren for Transition Voice, 14 July 2011

Organs for iPads, Cameron Conaway for The Good Men Project, 4 August 2011

Walking away from empire*, Kristine Morris for Grand Traverse Insider, 30 January 2012

Guy McPherson to discuss ‘Stone Age’ future at Muskegon Community College Wednesday, Megan Hart for Muskegon Chronicle, 13 February 2012

How do you survive the end of civilization? Muskegon Community College speaker gives his take, Megan Hart for Muskegon Chronicle, 16 February 2012

Dr. Guy McPherson, making the case for living off-grid in Ypsilanti, Mark Maynard, 18 February 2012

Yammerin’ interview: dragon party*, Penny O’Krebiehl, 21 February 2012

Yammerin’ interview #2: Self-improvement*, Penny O’Krebiehl, 22 February 2012

Yammerin’ Interview #3: Spring Waters are moving* …, Penny O’Krebiehl, 27 February 2012

Can you grow your own food?, Cindy Salo, 2 March 2012

Nature Bats Last: Climate change expert states his case for global warming, Diane Chodan for the (Dunkirk, New York) Observer, 2 April 2012

The shift is coming — part II/what can I do?, Gabrielle Price for The Refreshment Center, 28 April 2012

Guy McPherson* Photo essay based on my presentation in Auckland, New Zealand the evening of Sunday, 23 June 2012

Economic collapse ‘might save us’, The Bay Chronicle, 28 June 2012 (cross linked at Occupy Secession)

World ‘bleeding to death’, Taranaki Daily News, 29 June 2012

Guy McPherson in New Zealand, Seemorerocks, 30 June 2012

I think I hear the fat lady singing*, The Most Revolutionary Act, 1 July 2012

Civilization and the price of oil, Dissident Voice, 4 July 2012 (cross-posted at Occupy Secession* and Island Breath)

GCC speaker: climate changes already dire*, The Recorder, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 28 November 2012

The End: Walking Away from Apocalypse with Guy McPherson, Dissident Voice, 3 May 2013 (permalinked at gazelle)

Humanity is verrrrrrrry close to extinction, Nathan Curry for Vice, 22 August 2013

Rumor: Data shows global warming has ‘paused’*, Curtis Cartier for MSN, 24 August 2013

Guy McPherson à Algeriepatriotique : «J’aimerais visiter l’Algérie pour discuter du changement climatique», Mohsen Abdelmoumen for Algerie patriotique, 17 November 2013

Climate change and slavery: The perfect storm? Cameron Conaway for The Guardian, 13 December 2013

Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice? Scientists Consider Extinction. Dahr Jamail for Tom Dispatch, 17 December 2013 (cross-posted at Huffington Post, truth-out, Gorilla Radio Blog), Common Dreams, The Nation, Salon, Information Clearing House.

Climate Changed: Dr. Guy McPherson to share findings on hot button issue, Brian Lorraine for The Uniter (Winnipeg), 5 February 2014

The Vanishing Arctic Ice Cap, Dahr Jamail for Truth-Out, 31 March 2014

Earth already doomed, prof tells Sudbury audience, Solana Cain for the Sudbury Star, 10 April 2014

Evidence of Acceleration on All Fronts of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption, Dahr Jamail for Truth-Out, 10 April 2014

We are dead: Climate change and Guy McPherson, Jonathan Pressman for People’s World, 18 April 2014 (description, not interview, based on prior presentation)

Climate change and the methane crisis: An interview with Dr. Guy McPherson*, Dorsi Diaz for San Francisco Examiner, 26 August 2014

NZ: ‘Stop civilisation’ only chance for survival, says climate change academic Anna Majavu for Pacific Media Watch, 21 October 2014

Will humans go quietly into extinction — and soon?, Patricia Randolph for The Cap Times, 9 November 2014

Bad-news bearer Chico News-Review, 13 November 2014

Are Humans Going Extinct? Dahr Jamail for Truth-Out, 1 December 2014

Capitalism threatens all life on the planet – Interview with Professor Guy McPherson, Dylan Murphy for The Peoples Voice, 25 May 2015

It’s the End of the World as We Know It, Dahr Jamail for Truth-out, 6 July 2015

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job, John H. Richardson for Esquire, 7 July 2015

Radical Predictions, Ted Taylor for Eugene Weekly, 16 July 2015 (picked up by the Tucson Weekly6 August 2015)

Nature Watch: We must take seriously the threat of global warming, The Buffalo News, 19 July 2015

Coming to terms, Chico News & Review, 22 October 2015

Interview with Guy Mcpherson, The Fifth Column, 18 November 2015

Climate Change Specialist Predicts Human Extinction in 10 Years, 27 November 2016

7 January 2018 I was asked by Press TV to comment on a recent article about President Donald Trump and his comnents about libel and free speech. The original article can be read here. My response is included in this article.

Early June 2018 with Christoph Grizzard of the FatCat: between flights on 24 May 2018. Part 1 posted 7 June 2018, Part 2 posted 12 June 2018