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Today’s radio interview (post-interview update)

I was was interviewed today on Alternative Energy Radio, a production of the Shades of Green Network. To listen to the podcast of this radio interview, click here or go to this url: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/alternativeenergyradio/2009/12/07/wwwshadesofgreennetworkcom–the-green-economy-netw The topic, as usual: the collapse of civilization and the extinction of our species. Pretty serious stuff, I think. But to …

Gazing into My Crystal Ball

When you’re on a cruise ship, and you have the only window, and you see a tsunami headed your way, what shall you do? “Good” scientists would plead for research to verify the existence of tsunamis. And they would be rewarded for this action with research funding from fellow scientists. The wonks at the Oil Drum, for example, will be trying to access the internet to argue about whether we’ve passed the oil peak long after the electrical grid fails. On the other hand, I believe informed people — even scientists — should sound the alarm when a threat appears on the horizon. I believe we have an obligation to work toward solutions for individuals and, when appropriate, for society. If that makes me a poor scientist, I can live with it, bearing in mind the famous words of Albert Einstein when he found out about Hiroshima: “If I had known they were going to do this, I would have become a shoemaker.”

The jig is up

There simply is no way to prop up civilized society when oil costs more than $100 per barrel. Well, there might be one option: fascism. Oh, wait. We’re already there.