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The myth of sustainability

I’m couchsurfing Michigan and somebody posted one of my 15 presentations (so far) on YouTube. It’s an updated version of my September 2011 presentation in Middleville, Michigan and I’m presenting here without further comment. ___________ A few recent interviews associated with my tour of Michigan are posted below: Walking away from empire, Kristine Morris for …

Greatest hits

Three years and 185 essays into the blogosphere, I’ve decided it’s time for a “greatest hits” essay. The best part, for you: It’s only a line or two per essay, and I’ve selected from only a dozen essays. The best part, for me: I get to pick ’em. They’re in chronological order. Feel free to …

Time for a Revolution

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.

Problem solved!

Here’s the agenda, to be completed within a year or two: (1) find, develop, and distribute an energy source too cheap to meter, and (2) overcome evolution.