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It’s time to start spreading the word about peak oil

In a few short years, the United States will have virtually no access to oil and its derivatives, which include coal, natural gas, uranium, solar panels, and wind turbines. The last time that happened in this country, fewer than 30 million people populated the United States; about 10 percent of them were slaves. Life expectancy was 46 years; if you were black, you could expect to live to the ripe old age of 23. Surface water was abundant and clean enough to drink.

BushCo’s peak-oil plan

My talk to archaeologists focused on peak oil and the associated collapse of civilization. Turns out archaeologists love to study the collapse of civilization, with a minor exception: They aren’t particularly keen on hearing about the collapse of their own civilization.

The Fed slashes, the dollar bleeds

Seems Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke is living up to his nickname. But instead of kicking green leafy material out of helicopters, he’s rewarding big banks that packaged bundles of hallucinations into financial “products.” Bernanke is taking a page from Alan Greenspan’s cheap-money strategy, the one that got us into the financial debacle that turned every house into an ATM for its owner, while turning the U.S. dollar into an international joke.