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Show time

My latest essay for The Good Men Project was published Tuesday, 30 April 2013. “Climate is a social justice issue” is linked here. I was interviewed very briefly by Ted Simons on Arizona Horizon on Thursday, 2 May 2013. The interview is embedded below. Watch Education Issues & Living off the Grid & Artist Lelija …

Making movies, singing songs

Michael Sosebee has generously provided the presentation I delivered in on the University of Arizona campus in November 2011. He shot all the footage, a portion of which is embedded below. Also embedded below is a song inspired by my writing and speaking, and also including a few of my words (the song is not …

The point of no return

Yesterday I was interviewed by Guy Evans at Smells Like Human Spirit. The podcast and description are embedded here and also below. ____________ Please join me in supporting Blazing Kat Productions, the voice and images of the Occupy movement. Donate here.

Revising my forecast

If you’re waiting until things get bad before you start making other arrangements, I have two words for you: We’re there.