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Conspiring for climate chaos

I was interviewed by Rob Daven at Conspiracy HQ a few days ago. The video failed, but the audio worked and is embedded at this link. The interview with me begins at 17:15. The topic: climate chaos. The approach: address the standard “denier” issues.

Playing Court Jester

Quoting Carl Sagan, I begin some presentations with this line: “It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” But in the wake of a recent trip to the northeastern United States, it’s clear many people disagree with Sagan, choosing delusion over reality, …

The twin sides of the fossil-fuel coin: presenting in Massachusetts

Presented without additional commentary is video from my recent speaking tour in Massachusetts. It’s my latest and most comprehensive assessment of the twin sides of the fossil-fuel coin, climate change and energy decline. In response to this presentation, I’ve heard via the occasionally accurate grapevine that I’ll never speak on that campus again.

Presenting in Amherst

Tonight’s event on the University of Massachusetts campus was livestreamed and is embedded below. Viewers are subjected to a short advertisement. Video streaming by Ustream _____________ My presentation was subject to simultaneous interpretation by two American Sign Language interpreters. One wrote about it here. _____________ My presentation from earlier this week was featured in a …

Let Go, or Be Dragged

When called a quitter in somebody’s first-time comment in this space, my initial response was to serve the name-caller a big warm cup of ShutTheFuckUp. Then I gave it a bit more thought. One result is this essay. Contrary to the respondent’s interpretation of my essay, I’m not suggesting we quit. Giving up is not …

What are we fighting for?

In my latest essay in this space I mentioned two phenomena worth fighting for: the living planet and freedom based in anarchy. I surrender. I no longer believe the struggle matters on either front. I no longer think we’ll save the remaining shards of the living planet beyond another human generation. We’ll destroy every — …

Presenting in Auckland

The three video clips embedded below are the results from a presentation I delivered in Auckland, New Zealand on the evening of 24 June 2012. Thanks to Deck Hazen of Deep Green Productions for organizing the event and creating the videos.