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Hope, Redux

Stephanie Jo Kent has penned a thoughtful essay at Reflexivity. The final paragraph includes a comment and a question for me: “I have been listening and watching for ways to stimulate robust processes of social resilience. One idea is to talk about the difference between hope and hopium. Would you be willing to elaborate?” I …

Spreading the Horror

I’m pretty sure you know the drill. You pose the scenario and ask the hypothetical questions: There’s an asteroid headed for Earth. We know exactly when it will strike, and it will kill all humans. Do you want to know it will strike? Do you want to know when? I know of no poll results, …

Excerpts on Education

The blogosphere is rife with discussion of education, with a particular focus on higher education. In the spirit of beating a dead horse joining the fray, I’ve dredged up a few excerpts from Letters to a Young Academic, a book I wrote in 2003-2004 (and which was published in 2006). This book is my most …

The power of television in Asphaltistan

I’m just back from a quick vacation in the vicinity of Morro Bay, California. Most importantly and enjoyably, I communed with sea otters, pelicans, herons, and egrets while kayaking on the calm waters of the bay. But I also spent a little time reading and writing, and I watched more television than I’ve seen in …

The Role of a Social Critic

One of the honors students was in Zimbabwe last summer as the Zimbabwean economy crashed. His description of the human horrors, which included starvation and mass murder, was quite a lesson for those who believe we’ll behave when the grocery stores are empty. And also quite a lesson for those who believe the mainstream media are providing relevant world news.

Earth: The Sequel

I’m an optimist, but I try to infuse my thoughts with the occasional dose of reality. It’s Endgame for the Empire. And that’s a very good thing.

What shall we call it?

The Arizona Republic ran my lengthy op-ed in their Viewpoint section today. So far, a few minutes before noon, responses are mixed. About half are vile, in-denial buckets of hate. The other half are thankful, fearful, and/or curious to learn more.