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Climate chaos in four minutes: a video update

Presented without further comment is a short video that reviews contemporary knowledge of climate change. The video was shot last week by Pauline Schneider. The oft-updated print version of relevant information remains here. Guy-3Min from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.

Video Clips, an Essay, and an Interview

The two clips embedded below were shot by Pauline Schneider a month ago. They are part of a documentary film she is creating. My latest essay for Transition Voice was posted today. “As the Empire declines it gets nastier” is linked here. UPDATE: I was interviewed by Michael C. Ruppert on the Lifeboat Hour Sunday …

The Absurdity of Authenticity

I’m often accused — or credited, depending on one’s perspective — of leading an authentic life. As nearly as I can tell, the accusation or accolade refers to the following definition from Merriam and Webster: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. Fundamentally, aren’t we all true to our personality, spirit, and character? How …

The point of no return

Yesterday I was interviewed by Guy Evans at Smells Like Human Spirit. The podcast and description are embedded here and also below. ____________ Please join me in supporting Blazing Kat Productions, the voice and images of the Occupy movement. Donate here.

Media update: audio, video, print, and “print”

Audio I was interviewed for The Refreshment Center’s radio show on Friday, 1 February 2013. The interview is embedded here, although most of my interview was lost to a techno-disaster. I’m scheduled for another visit in a few weeks. ______________ Video Below I include two short clips used in the making of Michael Sosebee’s forthcoming …

Conspiring for climate chaos

I was interviewed by Rob Daven at Conspiracy HQ a few days ago. The video failed, but the audio worked and is embedded at this link. The interview with me begins at 17:15. The topic: climate chaos. The approach: address the standard “denier” issues.

Into the Heartland

I’m in the nation’s heartland deep freeze with my wife and ancient dog. We drove from the mud hut to eastern Nebraska for a brief familial visit. I’m reminded of a previous trip to America’s breadbasket. Thoreau’s classic words came to mind as I stood in a kitchen slightly larger than the house I occupy. …